twittering tales

Twittering Tale: Valentine’s Gifts

“Isn’t this too much?”

No man. She loves small gifts. See it says so on her Facebook status.

“Been stalking her?”

Yep. I even know where she lives.

“You are being crazy. That’s illegal.”

If that is what it takes.

“Okay idiot, what’s next, a love letter written in blood?”

Yep. Yours…

Character Count: 280


Tales #123 – 12 February 2019


Twittering Tale: One Word

It starts with one word.

Then another and another, and they keep coming. The words continue until my fingers find it hard to keep up with them. And then it suddenly stops. Total silence. I never read what I’ve written. I only write.

I only do what the voices in my head tell me to..

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #122 – 5 February 2019

Twittering Tale: Cookies

She had arranged the shapes neatly in rows.

She stood back and observed the cookie dough. Her grandchildren loved her cookies. She checked the clock. Just enough time left to bake. She hoped her star and heart cookies would be good enough.

Good enough to win masterchef…

Character Count: 270


Twittering Tales #121

Twittering Tale: Lonely

I look out of the window and watch the busy world.

I see how they enjoy. Their interactions look fun. Their conversations, fights, romances, even their simple hellos.

I wish I could have all of that. I miss it tremendously. It tends to get lonely.

Here, in this mirror dimension…

Character Count: 279


Twittering Tales #120

Twittering Tale: Campfire

They sat at the campfire.

The flames were warm and mood was jolly. They sang merry tunes and shared scary stories. They were enjoying nature’s grace.

They paid no heed to the eerie fog settling around them, nor notice the creatures coming from the forest.

Taking all of them away…

(Find the sequel here – Flash Fiction: Boots )

Character Count: 280

Prompt: Twittering Tales #119

Twittering Tale: Soup

Little Sammy was an ever-hungry child.

He would get hungry every few hours, much to the annoyance of his mother. The only viable solution she could think of, was preparing soup. Sammy would get a hot bowl of soup every time he got hungry.

Thus, began Sammy’s great love for soup…

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #118

Twittering Tale: Parrot

Parrots can be trained well, this I knew.

My parrot though, was a genius. It learned to mimic the human voice in no time at all. Soon, it had learned to ask for crackers. It did not take long for it to start taking all the crackers for itself.

I guess it mimicked human greed too..

Character Count: 280

Prompt: Twittering Tales #117

Twittering Tale: Christmas Night

This is the last house for the night.

It does look quite weird, the Christmas decoration. Spooky. But as Santa Claus, I will do my job.

Nice, an open window. Now only to place the present. Wait, what’s this? A TRAP?

Why are these people approaching me with knives and a hungry look?!


Twittering Tales #116

Twittering Tale: Hole

I looked through the hole.

My brother and I had watched a mummy movie, and he suggested we enact it. We made a cardboard coffin. I became the mummy. We only had enough bandage to cover up till my mouth.

I could only watch as he left me inside the coffin and went outside to play…

Character Count: 280

Twittering Tale: Explore

We loved to explore.
When we were kids, my brother and I would explore the gardens around our house, imagining ourselves to be great explorers.
One of our adventures brought us Indiana Jones’ to the Great Tree in a garden.
We found a skull. The skull found two bodies.

I kept mine….

Character Count: 280

Prompt: Twittering Tales #114