Conversation Haiku: Break In

We Need To Break In,
By Breaking The Wall? No Need.
The Gate Isn’t Locked!


Thursday photo prompt: Invitation #writephoto


Well, I tried something different here. I took the haiku structure, and tried to fit in a conversation in there. Did the experiment work? Or did it just feel like a weird haiku? Would really like to know your thoughts and critical comments on this piece.

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Flash Fiction: Cave Trip 2

This is the second part in the tale:

Find the prequel here:

Flash Fiction: Cave Trip

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After discovering the skeleton, I decided to explore further.

I drew my Glock out of my pocket. After all, prevention is better than cure. I trained the flashlight’s beam in front of me, keeping my gun ready in the other hand. After walking for another five minutes in silence, I saw a wall in front of me. On the wall, was the drawing of a man stuck inside a vortex. The man was a protrusion in the wall. As soon as I touched it, the wall parted away.

It revealed a pathway bordered by white pillars….

(Find the sequel here: Part 3 – Flash Fiction: Uninvited Guest)

Word Count: 97


Thursday photo prompt: Pillars #writephoto

Weekend Writing Prompt #73 – Vortex