Flash Fiction: Return

Spider silk clung at the doors, over the windows, across everything she had left behind.

Everything was in its place, just as she had left it ten years ago. She listened hard for any presence. However, all she could hear was the sound of the wind howling. The weather was quickly taking a turn for the worse. If she did not leave quickly, there was a high probability that she would get trapped in the blizzard. But, how could she leave empty handed, after coming all the way here?

She took the stairs, walking towards her bedroom. That is where it had all started. It was supposed to be a simple summoning, bringing forth a small fairy to play along with. It had gone horribly wrong. The summoned entity had possessed her younger brother, and continued to do so to this very day. In ten years, the dark entity had wreaked havoc across the world, moving from place to place, raising minions and declaring wars.

She had stayed hidden, choosing to let the world burn, rather than kill her own brother, because the only way to defeat this entity was to kill the host. However, her conscience would not let her hide any longer.

She had decided that she would fight. And as she entered her bedroom, she found what she had come for: The weapon that would win her the coming battle.

Word Count: 233


First Line Friday: September 14th, 2018

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Flash Fiction: Clash 3

This is the Tenth part of the story!

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The bullet hit Medusa right at the centre of her forehead, knocking her back.

Within moments, she got to her feet. The bullet had failed to put even a scratch on her. She spotted Agent Keynes among the trees, reloading his gun. Billy sucked in his breath and aimed for Medusa’s heart. It was a difficult shot to take. The weight of the gun combined with the distance he was at, made hitting the target a herculean task. Nevertheless, Billy knew he had to do it.

Medusa sensed a presence other than the mortal with the sniper rifle. She shifted her gaze to the left and noticed the hidden presence. It was only a young lad, struggling to hold the gun he had trained on her. She recognized the gun as Perseus’ heavy pistol. It was a potent weapon that could kill her, but only in the hands of Perseus, who lay crumpled by her feet. She would take out the foolish boy first and then the other agent. She readied herself to make a quick dash towards the lad. He was no match for her speed.

Billy saw Medusa shift her stance. He could sense her bloodlust being directed towards him. He gulped. This had now become a do or die situation for him. One shot would determine which way it went. He shot at her, placing all his hope in the one bullet. He watched on, as Medusa calmly dodged the bullet.

He had missed. He knew had reached the end of his journey.

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Word Count: 310


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Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Journey

Flash Fiction: Clash

This is the Eight part of the story!

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Medusa glided towards Perseus.

The two others were insignificant, mere supporting exhibits. She was most interested in Perseus. She had two reasons to add him to her collection. Being a survivor of the Demigod programme, he was a rare breed, like her. That was the first reason. Her vendetta was the second.

She remembered the last time they had clashed just as if it was yesterday. His squad had cornered her. Caged her in like she was some sort of animal. However, they had learnt that a caged wild animal can be vicious. She had taken down his entire squad in a matter of minutes. They were simply no match for her. What she had failed to realize, was that Perseus had never considered them as his team-mates. He was more than willing to sacrifice them, to meet his objective. He had used them to trap her, and finally had imprisoned her. She had not forgotten anything.

A volley of bullets brought her back to the present. These were regular bullets, not even good enough to scratch her. However, damaging her had not been their objective. While Medusa was distracted by the volley of bullets, Perseus had managed to sneak up behind her. Medusa had learnt her lesson the last time. She knew his tricks now. Before Perseus could shoot, Medusa spun around and landed a solid punch on his face. Perseus went flying through the air and crashed into the trees.

Medusa cackled.

Time’s up, Perseus.

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Word Count: 247


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Tale Weaver #184

Flash Fiction: Field

It looked so pretty – the field.

White flowers adorned the lush green land. A soft breeze always blew in the field. The breeze carried the mellow and sweet scent of the flowers to surrounding areas. It had always been a place of wonder for all the travelers. The sight of the pristine snowy blooms rejuvenated the minds and souls of those weary of their wanderings. One would often see hares and other timid beings making their way into the field to seek refuge in it. It was a small patch of utopia.

Then the war came. And the white field no longer remained white. Red soon covered it.

Word Count: 108


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Flash Fiction: Disturbance

This is the Seventh part of this story!

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I enjoy it so much. No humans talking to each other, or on their phones. No honking, no blaring music, no bickering, no nothing. Just the sound of the running water, the humming of the breeze, and the chirping of birds around me. This is how I want to spend my days. Sitting alone alone in my stone garden, with not a soul around to cause any disturbance to my peace. My human statues provide all the company I would ever need. This is bliss. I never….!

Hey! Where did that gunshot come from? It narrowly missed me.

Ah..Perseus! You have come again, and now you have lost the element of surprise as well. You should have made that bullet count, my old nemesis!

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Word Count: 125


FFfAW Challenge #177

Flash Fiction: The Hunt Begins

This is the fifth part of this story!

Read the prequels here:

Part 1- Twittering Tales: Statues

Part 2- Flash Fiction: Nice Neighborhood

Part 3- Twittering Tale: Raindrops

Part 4- Flash Fiction: Briefing

Perseus walked in front of agent Keynes and cadet Billy, emulating the silence of the forest they were in.

Keynes had managed to track Medusa’s location and had suggested a helicopter drop. Perseus had refused. The commotion would attract Medusa’s attention, making her alert. Instead, Perseus decided to drop into the forest that lay next to the neighborhood. This way, they would not lose the element of surprise, which was essential while hunting.

Billy whispered to Keynes.

“Sir, what’s the deal with him? He does not seem human.”

Keynes smiled dryly.

“Cadet, you are right. He is not a human, at least in part. He is a result of the Demigod Programme.”

Billy’s mouth hung open.

“The programme rumored to be so inhumane, that it had to be shut down?”

Keynes nodded.

“Correct. That programme took away half of his humanity. I fear he has lost the remaining part of it after all those missions. Seeing what he has seen and doing all that he has done, takes its toll.”

The trio had reached the end of the forest.

The hunt for Medusa had begun.

(Find the sequel here: Flash Fiction: Target Sighted)

Word Count: 185


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FOWC with Fandango “Commotion”

Flash Fiction: Wedding Gift

The wedding loomed closer and all Tay could do was think of storm clouds. He did not want any delays in the arrival of the wedding gift because of the rains.

Tay had taken it upon himself to supervise all the wedding preparations. After all, it was his closest friend’s wedding. His closest friend also happened to be the Chieftain of the tribe, and Tay happened to be the second-in-command. It was a time of war, and Tay had to make sure the event would go smoothly, as planned. He had already set a plan in motion that would ensure that.

He peered down the hill, towards where the stairs began. The wedding gift should be arriving soon. The sun was almost up, and the wedding was scheduled to begin at dawn. Tay began pacing up and down the stairs. The sky rumbled. It looked like it was going to be a rain ceremony. Just as the first drops of rain began hitting the ground, Tay spotted the messenger. He rode up the stairs on his horse and presented Tay with a sack. Tay looked into the sack, and nodded satisfactorily. Yes, the wedding gift was here – a sack of mystery meat to be cooked for the wedding meal.

Tay knew that his friend would enjoy eating the hearts of his enemies on his big day.

Word Count: 227


Thursday photo prompt: Summit #writephoto

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 21/18

Gifts — Week Long Challenge: 10-gallon container of mystery meat (cheated a bit, over here!)

First Line Friday: July 20th, 2018

Flash Fiction: The Tree

This is a sequel to Flash Fiction: Broken Fence.

To enjoy this story even more, do read that one before this. 🙂


The old witch kept aside her pen and black book. She got up from her rocking chair and stepped into her backyard.

Her backyard led into the forest that neighbored the town. No one ever set foot inside the forest other than her. It was her forest. She had grown up in this forest, in a time when it was yet flush with animals. She walked barefoot, her ashen white feet stepping on the green grass. The foolish townsfolk had driven away the animals from their home.  In retaliation, she made sure that any person who entered the forest, never left. Over the many years, the humans learnt to stay away from the forest. Most of them learnt it the hard way, serving examples for their descendants.

The witch reached the middle of the forest and looked at the dark tree. It was lined with clothes that once belonged to humans, humans who had made the grave mistake of entering her forest, or the graver mistake of causing her annoyance.  The clothes were of various fashions, trends that had come and gone over the years. She thought of this tree as her trophy cabinet.

And she was going to get three more trophy’s tonight…

Word Count: 204

Written for Thursday Photo Prompt 12th July


Flash Fiction: Bright Lights

This is my attempt at merging prompts and linking my posts to form a larger story! 🙂

The chapters in the story may not link sequentially, so will keep updating the sequence.

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This story is a prequel to an earlier work. Do read the sequel if you liked this one! 😀


“Can you come here for a second?”

I could hear my wife calling out to me from the porch.

“Do I have to come dear? The match is getting real interesting. We have the lead for the very first time this season.”

My wife had this habit of calling me out to see things that she thought she saw. We were both old now, but I thank God my vision was not as poor as her vision, and that my imagination was not as vivid. Last week she had screamed that she had seen an intruder in our fields. It had turned out to be our own scarecrow. I wasted so much energy running out with my gun.

“Dear, please come.”

I almost got up from the couch, ready to go out. Right at that moment, the score equalized. I could not get up now. My team needed me to sit until the match was over.

“I’ll be right there, dear.”

“I can see bright lights over the hills beyond our fields.”

I had already tuned her voice out.


Next part: Flash Fiction: Buried


Word Count: 179

Prompts used:

Thursday photo prompt: Conflagration #writephoto

Time To Write: Sentence Starter 35



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Flash Fiction: Turrets

The castle stood tall, covered in thin layers of white snow. Lush green forests surrounded the secluded dwelling. It was perfect for my friends and me. The four of us could now live our dream. It was the right decision to buy this isolated castle, got it for cheap as well. The surroundings will need a lot of work, but we are up for it. We are willing to go to any lengths in order to achieve our dream.

Now, all we need to do is to find young witches and wizards who are eager to learn about magic.

Word Count: 99

Written for:

Thursday photo prompt: Turrets #writephoto

Carrot Ranch May 17 Flash Fiction Challenge


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