Flash Fiction: Suits

“Jarvis, pack my suit. I need to scram soon. I’m already late as it is.”

At once, Mr. Stark. Which one will you be needing?

“You know! The ones that leave the crowd dazzling, the men glaring and the ladies drooling.”

Very well, sir. Which one should I pack? Your classic red, your light red, or the new white one?

“Just go ahead and pack them all. I’ll decide at the venue, depending on my mood and the situation.”

Done, sir.

*An hour later, at the venue*

“Jarvis, next time, just remind me to specify if I meant party suit…”

Word count: 100


100 Word Wednesday: Week 118

Flash Fiction: Lovely Weather

The weather is quite lovely.

I knew I could find such kind of weather only in the mountains. Moreover, I knew my son would love it. It’s a huge change from what we find in the city. I mean, where in the city could one be so close to the clouds? My son even had his first taste of a cloud. He was thrilled, and I’m even more thrilled that he is enjoying. Now, there is only one little thing to take care of. I hope someone else comes here soon.

With my bike defunct, we need to hitchhike back…

Word Count: 100


100 Word Wednesday Week 110

Flash Fiction: The Hard Way 2

This is the eighth part in the tale. Find the prequels here:

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Part 7 – Flash Fiction: The Hard Way

Now the tale continues..

The black figure placed its hand on the chest of the unconscious man.

The black, bone fingers transformed into tendrils, and pierced through his chest. The figure pulled withdrew the tendrils and in one clean move, ripped out the man’s heart. More tendrils wrapped themselves around the beating organ, giving it a pitch black colour. The heart was replaced in its location, and the tendrils sewed up the man’s chest. The black figured instantly transformed into a dense cloud. Thick red drops of blood began pouring down from the cloud, flooding the dungeon.

The voice cackled as the man drowned….

(Read the sequel here – Flash Fiction: The Adventure Begins)

Word Count: 100


100 Word Wednesday: Week 92

RDP: Colour

Flash Fiction: The Angry Beaver

“This looks like a shady place. Why did you even get us here?”

Donna looked tastelessly at the shallow bowls on our tables. I smiled.

“Trust me. The chef makes up for the ambience.”

The Angry Beaver was really quite shady. The low lighting, minimal decoration and serious lack of clientele, created a very drab ambience. I pressed the buzzer and whispered to Donna.

“Listen, show some sensitivity.”

The chef came out from the kitchen. Donna began guffawing.

“Ah, the chef dresses up as a beaver!”

The chef turned red with anger.


What do you mean by dresses up, eh…?

Word Count: 100


100 Word Wednesday Week 81

Word of the Day Challenge “Sensitivity”

FOWC with Fandango “Shallow


This was a rather random and weird one! XD

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Flash Fiction: Next Vacation

“It has to be a beach.”

She had placed her hands on her hips. He knew this was her ‘I-am-not-going-to-budge’ stance. However, in his twenty years with her, he had learnt that this was the only chance he had to argue. Once her hands went behind her back, it was game set and match. The whole squabble would be over, at least for her. He decided to take his chances.

“But, weren’t we going trekking?”

“Last time’s road trip was your call.”


“Venice was your call, Sweetie.”


“Well, it is my birthday.”

He sighed. Her hands were behind her back.

Word Count: 100


100WW Week 76

Friday Fictioneers June 22

Word of the Day Challenge “Squabble”


Image Credits:  Ocean Art “Drift Away” by Chuck Pinson-3731-GW

Flash Fiction: Convocation

Director Tiger was happy. It was graduation day and he knew his students were going to make him proud.

He walked among the crowd, congratulating his students and exchanging pleasantries with their parents. He sipped on his slurpee while listening to the parents’ conversations.

This is a lovely batch. My son is so lucky.

They are all going to be talented surgeons.

Don’t you mean lawyers?

Wait! Don’t you mean programmers?

Tiger’s assistant sneaked up to him under the pretext of handing him a coconut drink.

“Sir, I told you that a convocation ceremony for spies is a bad idea.”

Word Count: 100


100 Word Wednesday: Week 75

3 Things Challenge, 16 June 2018