Twittering Tale: Hieroglyphs

There it was, the hieroglyphs I had searched my entire life for.

I placed the torches down, and fished out my translation book, notepad, and a pencil from my bag. began noting the translation of the first line. I jumped up in joy. This was indeed it.

Here lies the recipe for beer!

Character Count: 280

Prompt: Twittering Tales #104

Twittering Tale: Shoes

There it is, another pair up on you, my dear tree.

Please continue carrying the burden of my shoes for a little while longer. I promise it won’t be long now. These torn shoes are proof of my training and serve to remind me of the pains I have taken.

I will be a gold medalist soon!

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales 103 – 25 September 2018

Twittering Tale: Barbies

Mrinal tossed aside yet another barbie.

Mother noticed the new addition to the pile of broken barbies. She snarled.
“Again? This makes four.”
Mrinal huffed.
“Bad girl. No dinner for you.”
Mrinal bawled.
“No fair. Tina called me ugly.”
“Child, you have to stop using voodoo for revenge.”

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #202

Twittering Tale: Books

“So many books? You must love reading.”
Not really.
“Then why borrow so many?”
They are for my best friend.
“Oh! She loves reading?”
No. She can’t read.
“Ah! You teaching her?”
Nope. Reading to her.
“Young man, if you could teach her, that would help her more.”
I can’t. She’s blind….

Character Count: 278


Twittering Tales #101 – 11 September 2018

Twittering Tale: Run

They could sense him coming.

His scythe ready to swing at closest innocent. His mere visage could freeze the very blood of humans. However, for the herd, the source of fear was not the rider. It was the hungry monstrosity he rode.

Just as he hungered for men, it craved foals.


Character Count: 280


Twittering Tale #99


Twittering Tale: The Drain

He walked silently in the darkness.

Having memorized the location of the drain, he found it easily. Once the lights came back on, they would find him. He slipped the packet into the drain and quickly walked away. He was caught soon.

He would die, but the resistance would live on.

Character Count: 279


Twittering Tales #98

Twittering Tale: Tea Party

I looked at my daughter playing tea party.

She looked so adorable. I put my arm around my husband’s. We had done well. Our little darling had arranged the table, poured the ‘tea’ and offered the cup to her imaginary friend.

Our smiles vanished when the ‘friend’ picked up the cup.

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #96

Twittering Tale: Statues

Cadet Billy looked at his pocketbook.

“Sir, this makes 5.”

Agent Keynes stared grimly at the headless statue.

“Inevitable. She escaped from prison last week. Chaos had to follow.”

He called HQ.

“Code red. Medusa is on the loose. We need Special Agent Perseus to come in.”

(Read more about Medusa)

Character Count: 268


Twittering Tale #94


Find part 2 here- Flash Fiction: Nice Neighborhood

Twittering Tale: The Phone

I rushed through the field. The pink phone continued ringing.

Panting, I picked up the receiver.
“Good. Answer this riddle for the next location: What is Medusa’s favorite cheese?”
“Stop this game. Return my son.”
“Tick-tock. Time’s running out.”

The game continued.

Character Count: 280

Written for Twittering Tales #93

Twittering Tales: Egg

As it landed, the meteor created a huge shockwave, which leveled an entire town.

The military was dispatched to investigate and help in the rescue of civilians. They disappeared soon after. Their last message:


“The meteor seems like some kind of egg, and it is cracking open…”

Character Count: 278

Prompt: Twittering Tales #89