Flash Fiction: Into The Woods

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Now the story continues…

The three kids stepped into the woods in the fading sunlight.

Roger lead the way, followed by Kye and Gary. The trio were on a quest to retrieve their ball. The fading umbrage of the trees worried Gary. The sun was setting, and he knew that navigating the intricate forest paths in the dark, was going to be a task. It would be difficult even with the mini flash light he was carrying. As they went deeper, a fog began settling around the trees. It remained static, refusing to clear away. The three kids bravely held their nerves. Until they heard sounds coming from the fog.

They resembled the sound made by cheese graters…

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Word Count: 135


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #10

FOWC with Fandango — Umbrage

Word of the Day Challenge – Intricate

RDP Wednesday – QUEST

Three Things Challenge 2019 #16

Flash Fiction: Smoke

It was a cold winter’s night, and the smoky apparition craved dearly for a smoke.

Her gorgeous lifeless eyes fell upon a red neon sign reading: Tobacco Shop

Passing through the doors, she made her way right to the counter and placed her ruby earring on it.

“My good man, I would like a large packet of phantom cigarettes please and I am willing to exchange my earing for it.”

“We only serve the real deal here, my dear belated ma’am,” The old manager said.

“That is such a rude thing to say, spirits are the real deal too, you know,” Said the offended blue-eyed ghost.

“You can find those in the wine shop next to the apple orchard, ma’am,” The old man said conclusively.

(Phantom cigarettes are an Indian brand of candy cigarettes)



Word Count: 125


Six Sentence Story Word Prompt #15 

3 Things Challenge 6th August

Your Daily Word Prompt – Belated – August 6th, 2018

August Flash Fiction Draw

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Forlorn


Flash Fiction: The Red Shoes

The couple walked into the shop, hand in hand.

They had picked the wrong time. It was my lunch hour and I had just dug into my meatloaf and soup. The manager shot me a look that said I would have to skip lunch. I kept my food aside and greeted them with a courteous bow. After seating them, I asked the couple what they were looking for. They could have been succinct about it, but the lady went on and on about this party they had to attend. The guy only intermittently repeated her words. Finally, they got to the point after fifteen minutes of droning. The lady wanted red shoes. I knew just the pair.

I went into the storeroom and brought out the red shoes. I watched as she tried them on and cooed at their impeccable fit. The couple paid in cash, and left with the shoes.

I was satisfied. I hated missing lunch. The commission made up for it in part.

The soul-stealing red shoes would complete my retribution.

Word Count: 175


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week 176

Three Things Challenge 31 July 2018

Word of the Day Challenge “Succinct”

Flash Fiction: Sky

“Mom, I can’t avoid it any more. I can’t see any road forward.”

“Kid, that is life. Just like a basketball, your life bounces up and down. There are times when you can see nothing but darkness.”

“Darkness is all I can see, mom. Day in and day out.”

I sat with my face buried in my hands. It was dinner time and I was venting out my frustrations to my mother. I was not lying about the darkness. I spent my entire day working in The Factory. Almost all of us did. We, the surface dwellers had no other choice. As per the system created by the Sky-people, it was our only source of income. However, the darkness was not confined to the factory.

We lived in the lowest  foundations of the city. Miles and miles below where the privileged sky people lived. There was no greenery, no colour here. The very air was laced with darkness. We lived in areas where no sunlight reached, ever. In fact, I had never seen the sky. That was the dream I chased after every day. To live among the sky people, witnessing the vast and beautiful blue yonder that we had only heard of in legends and seen on the internet. My mom placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Keep faith in your dreams, son.”

I looked upward at the concerned face of my mother.

“I did so, mom. It does not help. I just wish I could live among the sky-people.”

I clutched the ruby heart locket that hung around my neck.

“Be careful how you use those wishes, ruby hearts know what is in your heart.”

“It’s just a crystal.”

“Just remember be careful, whatever you believe.”

I got up from my seat.

“I wish I could live among the sky-people.”

There was a bright red flash, and lo! I found myself floating in the sky. However, the sky was not what I had expected. It was completely filled with clouds of smoke. This is not what we were told. All the legends were a lie. The ruby transported me back to my house. I turned to mom, my eyes were full of tears.

“I made the discovery that there is no up in this life. For the sky is the very source of darkness…”

Word Count: 390


Worth A Thousand Words #4

3TC 20th July 2018: Discovery, Lace, Basketball

Purpldragon’s Image Writing Prompt #239

5 Words Prompt 20/07/2018: Green, Upward, Factory, System, Avoid

Flash Fiction – Broken Fence

The fence to her house lay broken. The petulant old woman looked out from the window.

The townsfolk always thought that the house was haunted. They absolutely believed that the old woman was a witch who knew all kinds of sorcery. She welcomed their superstition. She loved her peace and knew that fear kept all the annoying people away from her property. Atleast, it had managed to until today. Today, some teenagers had broken her fence, trying to show-off.

She removed her pen and wrote their names in her black book. Stupid teenagers.

Her fearful legend would expand, tonight…


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Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge July 12

Word of the Day Challenge “Petulant”

RDP #43 “Superstition”

FoWC with Fandango “Fear”

SoCS July 14/18

3TC 13th July 2018


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Image Credit: https://www.potentash.com/2012/08/25/haunted-house/

Flash Fiction: Hoax

He enjoyed pulling his gullible little sister’s leg.

He told her about a contraption that produced pink birthday cakes. She was severely berated when she naively asked their parents for the contraption as her birthday gift. He relished it. She believed him when he told her that the tooth fairy would pay more for her tooth if she stopped brushing. He guffawed when that drew more scolding from their parents. She even believed him when he told her about shark men.

However, he refused to fall for her hoax when she pointed out to the vulture man outside the window.

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 15th June

3 Things Challenge 18th June : Shark, Birthday Cake, Tooth Fairy

A New Daily Post Word Prompt 18th June : Contraption

Word of the Day Challenge 18th June : Hoax



Flash Fiction: Convocation

Director Tiger was happy. It was graduation day and he knew his students were going to make him proud.

He walked among the crowd, congratulating his students and exchanging pleasantries with their parents. He sipped on his slurpee while listening to the parents’ conversations.

This is a lovely batch. My son is so lucky.

They are all going to be talented surgeons.

Don’t you mean lawyers?

Wait! Don’t you mean programmers?

Tiger’s assistant sneaked up to him under the pretext of handing him a coconut drink.

“Sir, I told you that a convocation ceremony for spies is a bad idea.”

Word Count: 100


100 Word Wednesday: Week 75

3 Things Challenge, 16 June 2018