50 word

Microfiction: Disturbed Zone

These are lonely roads that I ride on.

No vexing women and no malevolent men.

This is my zone, my place of tranquility.

A chance to get away from death.

But sometimes, it follows me, in the form of bandits.

At these times, I let my pistols do the talking…


50 Word Thursday #36

Six Sentence Story – Zone

Microfiction: Giant War

The war had been catastrophic.

It had taken everything we had to win the war against the Giants. Taking those behemoths had ushered in a time of great prosperity. Now, a decade has past and all the meat has been scraped off the Giants’ bones.

The great famine begins now…

Word Count: 50


50 Word Story #12

Flash Fiction: City

Around here, anything’s possible.

That is what I had heard about the city. I came here seeking riches. I found them. Lived like a king. But, like I said anything’s possible here. Did not take the city long to turn me into a pauper.

I will take the city back…


50 Word Thursday #32

Flash Fiction: Chase 2

(Read the prequel here – Flash Fiction: Chase)

Ashfaq rode an entire day after splitting up.

The tracks had brought him to the outskirts of Chanaq. It was one of the cities that was abandoned after the war. As soon as Ashfaq climbed down, a bullet hit the sand two feet away from his feet.

A warning shot…

Word Count: 50

Prompt: 50 Word Thursday #29

Flash Fiction: Chase

Salam brought his camel to a halt.

He got down and closely observed the tracks. Ashfaq joined his friend in observing the tracks.

“It looks like the bastards split up.”

Salam nodded.

“That means we will have to split up too.”

Ashfaq toyed with his beard.

“That is true, but..”

Salam placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“There are no buts here my friend. If you come across him, you have to kill him. He’s a traitor to our group and to our king.”

Ashfaq sighed.

“I know. May Allah help me, should my conviction falter or hand shiver…”

Word Count: 100


50 Word Thursday #27

Flash Fiction: Target Sighted

This is the Sixth part of this story!

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Part 2- Flash Fiction: Nice Neighborhood

Part 3- Twittering Tale: Raindrops

Part 4- Flash Fiction: Briefing

Part 5- Flash Fiction: The Hunt Begins

As the trio reached the edge of the forest, they looked upon the neighborhood from their vantage point.

Medusa’s chaotic art was on display. Dozens of statues decorated the silent town-centre. The neighborhood had been stripped of all its pace, and brought to a complete stand still. Billy gasped.

“She is such a monster.”

Perseus snorted.

“We made that monster. Her appearance, her powers were all our doing. (Read more about this in Flash Fiction: Transform) She was the first of the Demigod Programme.”

Keynes interjected.

“As I recall, she volunteered…”

Perseus interrupted, pointing in the neighborhood’s direction.

“Target sighted.”

(Find the sequel here: Flash Fiction: Disturbance)


50 Word Thursday #12

SoCS August 4, 2018

FOWC with Fandango “Pace”


Flash Fiction: Cold

It was vacation time. After months of begging, I had managed to convince my parents to visit the snowy northern areas.

We reached our booked cabin on time. The journey had been smooth. However, as luck would have it, as soon as we had entered the cabin, a snowstorm hit the area. Miraculously, the wifi had remained unruffled. I thanked the lord for this mercy and connected our phones to it. Bad choice. My final exam results had been announced and I had not done well.

It was cold outside, but the atmosphere in our heated cabin was much colder.

Word Count: 100


Master of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Cold”

50 Word Thursday #6