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A to Z Challenge: Banshee

Welcome to the second story, mortals. Today, the story I, Dr. Skull tell you is about quite a lovely lass. I met her many years ago, and she hasn’t aged a day since our brief meeting. Not that I want to meet her again anytime soon…

Who is she?

I keep seeing her everywhere on the battlefield. What a ruinous place this is. Dead bodies litter the ground. I can’t even make out friends from foes over here. It is such a bloody mess. I need to get home now. My family is waiting for me. I can’t let the darkness take me. There she is again, the white lady.

Why is she here?

No. Can’t think about that now. Need to keep up the pressure on my wound. God, this blood won’t stop pouring out of me. Help me? Someone? Anyone? Even if it is you, lady in white. Help me.

What is she saying?

Doesn’t matter. I need to focus on keeping my eyes open. Even if I can’t walk anymore. As long as my eyes stay open, there is a chance someone will save me. She is coming closer. Yes, she will help me. Wait, her face…

No..no..I see it now, she is wailing, lamenting for me, as my eyes close…

(Word Count: 168)

So, dear mortal, would you like to meet this bonnie lass anytime soon?

A to Z Challenge: A – Arachnids

Welcome readers! I am Dr. Skull, and I’ll be taking over from The Dark Netizen.

The first tale is a tale from my pet Peter’s family. He’s such a good boy. I love how he decorates my house in cross patterns. Anyway, on to the first story…

I hate those eight legged creatures.

I mean, why do they even have eight limbs? Arachnids, we call them. They even spin those horrid sticky webs all around. And before you start defending them, I do have a valid reason for hating them.

When I was a little boy, I had come across a dirty black spider in my backyard. I had screamed out in terror, provoking the spider to move towards me. My dad was around and he swiftly came to my rescue. That is when it happened. The black spider bit my father, before running back into the jungle.I was only a little boy, and I had just seen my father’s head being bitten off.

Since that day, I have festered a hatred for those giant eight-legged freaks…

(Word Count: 130)

Well, mortals, I must admit, Peter is not quite as huge. He fits in my palm my little darling. His bite though, is much worse than his bark. It can melt skin right away. Why do you think I’m only bones now? Just kidding…

Do share your thoughts on the story, not that they matter to me, but The Dark Netizen seems to enjoy reading them! 🙂

April A to Z Challenge

I’ve decided to participate in the 2019 April A to Z challenge. Hopefully, I can complete the challenge, and present to you readers, an alphabetical addition of 26 horror stories. To tell you these stories, I introduce you to my friend Dr. Sulk Skull…

Now, over Dr. Skull for every post related to this challenge.

Happy reading, readers! 🙂