Flash Fiction: Tent

It won’t be possible, darling.

I get it. Will see ya soon. Bye!


I sighed. My husband was going to have a hard time explaining it to our son. I felt sad.

Joey is such a nice child. He never makes demands, never throws tantrums. He only ever asks us for something once in a year – on his birthday. This year, he wanted a tent. We agreed. It was his tenth birthday after all.

I drove to the mall. My jaw dropped when I saw the price tags of the tents. There was no way we could afford one. I had called my husband to inform him that our son’s present was out of our reach. Being the optimist that he is, my husband told me not to worry and come back home.

Now, when I get back, I see the mess in front of me. I see my little Joey giggling and rolling around under the mess. Then it struck me. Joey did get his present.

That mess was a tent….

Word Count: 175


FFfAW Challenge – 201st

Flash Fiction: Stay Out

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Now the story continues…

The kids stared at the woods.

Gary placed an arm on Roger’s shoulder.

“You know we are not supposed to go there right?”

Roger shrugged.

“Yeah, I know. But that’s my favourite football that Kye kicked into the woods. I am going to get it back, and Kye is coming with me.”

Roger looked at the whimpering Kye. The smaller boy was clearly more afraid of Roger than he was of the forest. Gary crossed his arms.

“No! I don’t want to go there and find out what the adults were so scared about.”

Roger snorted.

“Ha! I hope we find what scared them. Any way, move out of the way, Gary.”

Gary was no match for Roger’s strength. He gave in and stepped aside. Roger walked passed triumphantly, dragging Kye along. Gary sighed. He could not go home alone, anyway.

He followed his friends into the woods…

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Word Count: 148


FFfAW Challenge – 200th