Three Line Tale: Rescue

The siblings were playing joyously in the shallow water, as their parents sat back on the golden beach sand, enjoying a beautiful setting sun.

When the little kids noticed a drowning man in the sea, they called out to their parents and pointed in the direction, only in time to see the man’s head disappearing.

The worried family frantically called out to the life guards, pointing out the emergency, without realizing that they had not witnessed a drowning, they had witnessed Aquaman’s return to the ocean…

Word Count: 86


Three Line Tales #154

Twittering Tale: Beach

It was a nice sunny day.
The entire community had come to enjoy at the beach. Kids, adults, and senior citizens, frolicked on the beautiful white sand. An abrupt commotion coming from the water interrupted the merrymaking. All the water had swiftly receded.

A disaster approached.

Character Count: 280

Written for Twittering Tales #92