Three Line Tale: Weight

I stand on the weighing scale of life, concentrating on my dreams, goals, ambitions, and all the people that I am fighting for.

I stand in the blizzard of hardships, the bitter weather crushing me down with all its force and weight.

Now, it remains to be seen, if my willpower weighs more, or the adversities that I face end up being heavier…

Word Count: 63

Prompt: Three Line Tales, Week 157

Three Line Tale: Search

It came suddenly, without any warning, giving no chance to our terrestrial brethren, those poor souls which did not have gifts like ours were wiped out instantly.

I don’t know how it happened, but the towering waves came crashing upon our world, submerging it in water.

It has been days without food and rest for us now, on our search to find a new home, any place that survived this aquatic apocalypse…

Word Count: 72


Three Line Tales, Week 148

Flash Fiction: Unimpressed

It is really irritating when you have a well-traveled, know-it-all husband. He fails to find anything impressive.
“Look darling, a rainbow!”
“Calm down woman. It is not like the first rainbow we have seen, you know.” Sometimes, it makes me feel guilty about being so easily impressed.

Yesterday I finally got a one up on him.
“Come here at the window. Look at the bird out there.”
“You want me to leave the comfort of my couch and walk there just to see some bird?”
“But it is a large white bird and it is coming closer..”
“Nothing special about a huge white bird. I have seen the Andean Condor up close.”
*rumble* *rumble*
“Get away from the window. It’s an earthquake!”
“No darling, it is the white bird.”
My husband got up from the couch and rushed to the window.

The gigantic bird stomping around in the city, left his mouth hanging open for the first very time.

Not unimpressed anymore.

Word Count: 157

Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner Week 21