Flash Fiction: Her Eyes

It was all in her eyes.

Our paths crossed in the bazaar. She was standing at the wine merchant’s, drawing no attention to herself. As I waited for the merchant to fetch my wine, I happened to gaze upon her face. Having seen exotic beauties, I thought nothing special of it. However, my thoughts changed once I saw her eyes. Those sapphire blue eyes. She did not attempt to look away. I felt as if my heart was about to stop, the way she was looking at me. Everything else began fading into darkness. The bazaar sounds lulled. I could only see her eyes. I did not see who did it, but someone pulled her and dragged her away. I snapped out from my trance, all my senses returned to me. I caught my reflection in the merchant’s mirror. I looked paler than snow.

Beware those soul stealers, her eyes…

Word Count: 150


#TellTaleThursday – 17th January 2019
#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya