Flash Fiction: Buster

I had always suspected something was different about Jai. And yesterday night, my suspicion was confirmed.

I had been feeling down for a week. My pet, Buster had disappeared. It had happened suddenly. One day Buster was at home and the next morning he was simply gone. I could find no trace of him. I frantically searched for him, visited the cops, put up fliers and even did some snooping of my own. However, I had no luck.

Everyone at school knew Buster had disappeared and all my friends had tried their best to cheer me up. It had not worked. However, Jai managed to make me smile yesterday evening, and we are acquaintances at best. He had come up to me and given me a figurine of dog and said that he hoped it would cheer me up. It indeed did, I was all smiles.

At night, I decided to name my new figurine Buster, and proclaimed it to the figurine.

I heard a bark in response. Coming from the figurine.

Word Count: 172


FFfAW Challenge – 180th