Flash Fiction: Equally Nice

I walked around the shop.

With every step I took, I was met with a pair of adorable eyes. There were more beauties in the pet-shop than I could buy. I walked up to an Alsatian. It looked majestic just like its price tag. I shook my head and turned to the shop attendant. I told him my budget. He nodded understandingly. He showed me a white Pomeranian, not as good-looking as the Alsatian, but it would have to do. Beggars can’t be choosers, after all.

Besides, I bet both of them would taste equally nice in a stew…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch April 11 Flash Fiction Challenge

Flash Fiction: No Other Choice

This is the sixth part in the tale. Find the prequels here:

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Now the tale continues..

I stared at the skull in disbelief, which stared back with its hollow eyes  into my very soul, chilling my blood in the process.

Wanting to get as far away from it, I took a step back, and heard a sharp crunch, that echoed all around me.

I looked down slowly, and to my horror, I saw that I had stepped on bones, and that in fact, the entire floor was covered with them.

The cold voice spoke once again, “Now do you see the futility of your refusal?”

Other than the bones surrounding me, I could see nothing but an all-encompassing darkness, which meant that the voice was right, and the only way forward was to drink the milk and accept the offer.

Just as I thought that, the carton of milk reappeared and levitated in front of me, waiting for me to drink it up.

(Find the sequel here – Flash Fiction: The Hard Way)

Word Count: 150


Six Sentence Story “Crunch”

Twittering Tales: Choice

She saw seven doors.

He stood behind her, explaining the choice to her.

“A door leads to the fountain of youth,  you could stay young and beautiful forever. Another door leads to your one true love, who you can spend the rest of your life with. Yet another door leads to a pit of precious gems, rubies, emeralds, amethysts among them. A door leads to a cellar of the choicest alcohols, liquids fit for emperors. One door leads to a buffet of the world’s best delicacies. Another door leads to an emporium, where all types of clothes exist for you, each of them perfectly fitting.

Now, here is the catch. One of the doors here leads straight to hell. The choice is yours. Pick any one.”

She closed her eyes, trying to understand the vibes coming from each door. She could not gauge anything. She had to take her chances. The odds were in her favor. Six out of seven doors were boons. She asked her inner self for an answer. She received no reply. There was no choice. She had to make a random choice.

She pointed to the fifth door. He walked up to it and smiled as he opened it. Behind the door was a dark staircase leading underground. The sign on its side read: To Hell.

She walked down the stairs, cursing her luck. He silently laughed, admiring her stupidity. She never had any sliver of a chance. Every door led to hell. He had said ‘a door or another door’ would lead to all the boons, never ‘one of these doors’.

The Devil was many things, but a liar was not one of them.


Word Count: 279 words


Written in response to Twittering Tales #82

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