Microfiction: High Noon Lane

High Noon Lane.

A green patch of land right outside the concrete jungle. The wind moved freely among the tall grass and the air was pristine. It was a delight to fly in such an open area for the birds. It was said that if any bird truly wanted to see heaven, all it had to do was to fly out here. It was the perfect place. At least that is what the birds thought before flying down there.

The last thing they saw were the wild dogs lunging out from their hidden spots in the tall grass.

Word Count: 100


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #19

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: March 19, 2019


Haiku: Advertising

Bottles By Window,
Advertise Brands, But The Pub
Serves Only Home Brews…


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #18

Flash Fiction: Another Secret

“I thought we agreed no more secrets?”

“I swear this is the last one.”

“Never in all my wildest wool-gatherings did I imagine my husband owns a bloody dragon.”

“Awesome isn’t he?”

“Well, I can’t disagree…”

Word Count: 36


Time To Write: Sentence Starter 43 [Creative Writing Prompt]

Weekend Writing Prompt #92 – Wool-Gathering

Sunday Photo Fiction – February 3, 2019

Microfiction: Sheep

So, this is the latest sheep in our flock. Her name’s Tabitha.

How much does she cost? You mean, how much did she cost to create? Well, a million dollars, give or take.

No, its no joke. She’s a top notch product of military science. A harmless looking explosive device.

What about her wool? Who cares? She’s designed for blasting our enemies to smithereens.

Who do you think you are calling a mad man, mister?

Wait, are you even from the C.I.A ?

No? You are a sheep farmer? Well, this is awkward…

Word Count: 95


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #11


Flash Fiction: Into The Woods

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Now the story continues…

The three kids stepped into the woods in the fading sunlight.

Roger lead the way, followed by Kye and Gary. The trio were on a quest to retrieve their ball. The fading umbrage of the trees worried Gary. The sun was setting, and he knew that navigating the intricate forest paths in the dark, was going to be a task. It would be difficult even with the mini flash light he was carrying. As they went deeper, a fog began settling around the trees. It remained static, refusing to clear away. The three kids bravely held their nerves. Until they heard sounds coming from the fog.

They resembled the sound made by cheese graters…

(Find the next part here – Flash Fiction: Into The Woods 2)

Word Count: 135


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #10

FOWC with Fandango — Umbrage

Word of the Day Challenge – Intricate

RDP Wednesday – QUEST

Three Things Challenge 2019 #16