Flash Fiction: Curse

He did not like them. The two of them were always together – Inseparable. He hated that.

He sent rain, shine, hail and storms at them. However, they would always stand together, hand in hand. The defiance in their eyes frustrated him. Try as he might, he could not control them. No matter what he tried, their affinity towards each other never diminished. Those blasted intertwined fingers, they always got to him.

He could take no more. He cursed them – Turned them into creatures that did not possess hands and fingers. Now they could not hold hands ever again. They would only stand next to each other, for all of eternity.

They did not seem to mind.

Word Count: 118

Prompts used:

Sunday Photo Fiction June 10 2018

FOWC Control

Affinity – Word Prompt


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