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The Blood Drive

The posters had talked about a mass blood drive. It was the first time something like that was happening in my small town. I decided to check it out, more out of a sense of curiosity, than a zeal to help save lives.

Before leaving for the blood drive, I had called up their number from the pay phone next to my house. My phone had been out of order for a few days now. The lady who responded, jovially confirmed that the blood drive was indeed taking place, and around fifty individuals had already donated. I walked up to the specified location. Since my town was quite small, every locality was quite within walking distance. As I walked up to the blood drive tent, I noticed that the street was empty. Not that it was usually bustling with activity, but today it was as silent as a grave. I guessed everyone had gone for the blood drive. However, as I entered the tent, I could see no townsfolk in there. The only person inside, was a nurse, who was looking me over. She smiled at me and motioned me towards the chair.

“Please, sir. Make yourself comfortable. The doctor will be here in just a moment.”

Her well-fitting outfit, and volcanic hair, made it very hard for me to notice much anything else inside the tent. I smiled back at her, and settled down in the chair. She turned around, and went back to her seat, her heels click-clacking as she walked. The doctor appeared moments later. His voice muffled by his mask, he asked me to ease up and stretch my arm forward. As I did so, he shot me a grin, showing off his razor-like teeth. I was immediately appalled by him. Before I could say a word, he pulled back the sleeves of my flannel shirt, and pierced me with his long nail. Now, I did not know much about how blood drives worked, but I knew no doctor would do this. My instincts told me to escape.

Just as I was about to get up from the chair, I realized my body had gone numb. It was not responding to my thoughts. The doctor motioned to the nurse, who click-clacked over to the chair. Her eyes were trained on the blood oozing out of the wound created by the doctor. She drew out her tongue, her snake-like long tongue, and licked the blood on my arm.


She was hissing now. The doctor removed a syringe filled with a green liquid and injected me with it. The skin around my wound began burbling. As agonizing pain hit me, I noticed a frog hop inside the tent. Then I saw another, and another. There was a huge number of frogs hopping around in the tent. The doctor hissed at the nurse.

“Well, this boy makes it fifty one. Just one more to go, and then we have a year’s worth of food.”

The last thing I noticed before blacking out, was the skin around my wound turning green, and slimy….

Word Count: 515


October Flash Fiction Draw

FOWC with Fandango “Stretch”

Word of the Day Challenge “Jovial”

Your Daily Word Prompt “Flannel”

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Image Credit: Concept Art by TheGurch : https://www.deviantart.com/thegurch/art/Scary-Skull-Doctor-concept-art-292059860

Flash Fiction: Border Crossing

Sivak was tense. However, he knew he could not let it show in his body language. Everything depended on it.

Sivak joined the line of cars waiting to clear the security check. The border crossing was one of the most tightly guarded areas. Sivak knew getting through the check post was not going to be easy. However, if he got through here, Sivak knew he was a free bird. The line of vehicles which had nothing to declare was much longer than the other line. Sivak would play it cool. He knew that the guards only stopped and searched people who looked suspicious and Sivak had taken great efforts to look plain. He had got rid of his immaculate beard, cut his hair and had combed them back. The addition of glasses gave his face a plain look. He had chosen to wear a loose shirt, that would hide his toned body, and more importantly hide his tattoos. He did not want any guard to give him a second look. As the car in front of Sivak cleared the security, he calmly drove up to the gate. The head guard gave him a bored glance.


Sivak reached into the glove compartment and fished out his forged papers. He handed them to the guard with a slight smile. The guard went through the papers, gave Sivak another bored look, and waved him along. The gate opened to let Sivak pass. He thanked the guard and carefully drove on. This was exhilarating for Sivak, he had done it.

As soon as Sivak cleared the gate, he heard a siren ring. The guards quickly pointed their guns at Sivak’s car. A sneering man appeared in front of the car, pistol pointed at Sivak.

‘Sir, kindly get out of the car with your hands behind your back. We need to check your car.’

Sivak recognized him. He was the Captain of the Royal Guard. Sivak considered the idea of accelerating, but he realised there was no way his car would take such heavy fire. Sivak parked his car as ordered, and got out. The Captain made him stand alongside the other suspicious characters. Sivak felt his heart shatter as the guards searched his car. Soon, they reached the trunk, opened it, and removed the bag of money that lay inside.

The Captain sneered at Sivak.

‘Well, well, well! What do we have here, now?’

* * *

‘When is Daddy coming back?’

‘Tomorrow darling.’

‘You said that yesterday.’

‘I know.’

‘Mama, Daddy will save us from here, no? I don’t want to stay in this house!’

‘I know, little one. Daddy will be back soon.’

Sivak..please come soon..

Word Count: 443


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Your Daily Word Prompt – Alongside – September 8th, 2018

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FOWC with Fandango “Royal”

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Word of the Day Challenge “Exhilarating”


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Flash Fiction: Hoax

He enjoyed pulling his gullible little sister’s leg.

He told her about a contraption that produced pink birthday cakes. She was severely berated when she naively asked their parents for the contraption as her birthday gift. He relished it. She believed him when he told her that the tooth fairy would pay more for her tooth if she stopped brushing. He guffawed when that drew more scolding from their parents. She even believed him when he told her about shark men.

However, he refused to fall for her hoax when she pointed out to the vulture man outside the window.

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 15th June

3 Things Challenge 18th June : Shark, Birthday Cake, Tooth Fairy

A New Daily Post Word Prompt 18th June : Contraption

Word of the Day Challenge 18th June : Hoax



Flash Fiction: The Test

She had never felt less prepared for a test in her entire life. Not a clue about her final test. She needed to be at her best. However, the surrounding gloomy forest was not helping one bit.

Her examiners were leading her deeper into the forest. She did not feel right about the test. She wanted to run back home and hide under her bed covers. She knew that was not an option. Finally, after trudging for an hour through the murky woods, she reached her destination. She finally saw it – her final test. It was an antique car. Grey and red in colour, it looked in great shape other than its wheels. The wheels were not attached to the car. They were placed right next to where they were meant to be. Her examiners pointed towards the car.

“Fix it and drive us out of here.”

She had never imagined this would be her final test.

“I have never driven one before. I was not trained for it.”

The oldest examiner placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Cadet, you cannot train for everything. If you are going to infiltrate the humans, you need to improvise.”


Word Count: 197



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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Nosferatu”


“Dracula Miffed. Copycat German Cousin Visiting”


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This story was in response to J.I. Rogers’ Six-Word Story Challenge – “Nosferatu”


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“That rabid cur attacked me!”

The old man explained to the crowd that had gathered, brandishing his tattered clothes. His sullen face, was covered in sweat. The throng of people had encircled the old man, observing the consequences of his actions. A black mongrel lay motionless not two feet away from the old man. The body of the canine lay littered with cuts and bruises. The gut-wrenching howling of the dog had gathered the crowd to the location. Those who had arrived early had seen the creature breathing its last. The crowd had looked at the old man with accusing eyes. He wiped the sweat off his face and dropped the crowbar he was holding. Dashes of red were visible on the crowbar where it lay at the old man’s feet. He dusted his tattered clothes and rubbed his hands together. He addressed the staring crowd.

“The dog attacked me for no reason. I did what I had to do.”

The old man did not offer any more explanation and pushed his way through the crowd. Everyone continued staring at him until he had disappeared from view. No one uttered a word. The dog’s state left everyone aghast.


~ ~ ~


“That rabid cur attacked me!”

The young woman explained to the police officer sitting behind the desk, her face convoluted in disgust. The police officer continued taking notes. He was dutifully lodging her complaint. She had told her story.

“I was returning home, late night yesterday. My friends dropped me on the main road. It was only a couple of streets away from my house. As I was walking home, I saw an old man approaching me. He came right at me and grabbed on to me. He was trying to have his way with me. I was in no state to offer much resistance. He would have raped me right there, had it not been for a dog. From out of nowhere, this black mongrel had attacked the old man. He let me go and ran off in the opposite direction. The dog chased him and I managed to get home. Officer, you need to arrest this man.”

The police officer looked up at the young woman.

“And we will madam, we assure you.”


Image Credit: http://mjex.co/black-dog-art/black-dog-art-black-dog-by-black-and-white-dog-artwork/

Written for today’s Daily Prompt: Cur

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“So Mr. Khurana, what did you see in your dream?”

Vishnu Khurana was sitting in a plush recliner. Sitting directly in front of him, in an equally comfortable recliner was Dr. Bose. The décor of the clinic created a relaxing environment. Vishnu sat staring at the ceiling with his shoulders hunched and arms resting on his laps. He looked troubled.

“Doctor, is this really helping? The weird dreams just don’t stop.”

Dr. Bose adjusted his thin frame glasses and uncrossed his legs.

“Mr. Khurana, we have been seeing each other just for a week now. She requested me to talk to you and help you in dealing with your nightmares.”

Vishnu suddenly stood up.

“I have told you, they are not nightmares.”

“Yes, yes. These not-so-pleasant dreams, we will deal with them. Please have a seat and tell me about the one you had yesterday night. Was it vague again?”

Vishnu sat back into the recliner.

“Doctor, the dreams are never vague. Just this particular character..”

“..the lady?”

“Yeah, the lady. The rest of the things I see in my dream are crystal-clear. So, the dream began with me lying on a charpoy in the middle of nowhere. I just lay there gazing at the cloudless blue sky. There were no birds, no sun even. Just a constant shade of blue.”

“Do continue.”

“After that, I got up from the charpoy and a motorcycle appeared from nowhere. It just apparated right in front of me.”

“That happens in dreams. It is quite normal. Go on.”

“I got on the bike and began going down the road.”

“Which road?”

“There was just one road. It also came into existent right after I got on the bike.”

The doctor scribbled something in his notebook.

“Very well, go on.”

“As I was riding down the road, all I could see was barren land all around me. It was arid, as if it had been devoid of water for decades.”

Dr. Bose nodded, indicating that Vishnu should continue.

“Suddenly, I reached a city. There were buildings and shops and parked vehicle, but no people. It was an empty city.”

“There was not a single person present?”

“None. No living thing at all.”

Dr. Bose nodded and made more notes. Vishnu reached for the glass of water kept on the adjacent table. He took a large gulp and placed the glass back in its position.

“Then I continued riding and reached the bazaar. I could tell because it had different shops there. In fact, all establishments over there were shops other than one. That one was a temple.”

“A temple. Alright, go on Mr. Khurana.”

“I get off the bike and step inside the temple. Again, there is no one there – complete darkness. However, a few feet away I can see a luggage bag. I could see it because it was glowing. So, I walked towards it, picked it up and walked out.”

“You did not check what was in the bag?”

“No, doctor I did not. I just walked out and got on to the bike. Then I sped off.”

“Okay, Mr. Khurana. Please continue.”

“I took the same road and returned to the same charpoy, from where I had started my dream. And then I saw her – The lady. I handed the luggage bag over to her, she walked off, and I woke up with the feeling that something was wrong. Like every night.”

“In your previous visits, you had said you could not see her clearly. How do you know it was the same lady?”

“I know, because I could feel it, doctor. She felt familiar. This time, I could see her a bit more clearly. I could make out that she was wearing a short red dress.”

“What about her face? Get a look at that?”

“No, doctor. The rest of her, including her face was still vague.”

Dr. Bose clicked his pen, indicating the session was over.

“Well, we seem to be making progress, Mr. Khurana. These troublesome dreams will stop soon. I am increasing the dosage of your medicines for now. Don’t forget to take them twice every day.”

The doctor handed over a medicine bottle to Vishnu who pocketed it. The two got up from their spots and began walking towards the door of the clinic.

“Thank you, doctor. I hope these dreams stop occurring.”

“I hope so too, Mr. Khurana. We will make that happen. Have a nice day.”

“Goodbye, doctor.”

Dr. Bose closed the door behind Vishnu. He walked to the window and watched as Vishnu got into his car and drove away. After he had gone out of sight, Dr. Bose fished out his phone and placed a call. A sultry voice answered the call.

“Hi, doctor. How did it go?”

“It is not going as well as planned. He remembers a great deal of his night activities.”

“Does he remember it all?”

“No, it is just a vague representation. He sees an empty city instead of a room full of people he has killed and other such things.”

“Then it is okay, the drug is working. He has no idea what he is up to every night.”

“Yes, it is working. Besides, I gave your husband a stronger dosage of the drug. Just in case.”

“Very well, doctor. Our plan seems to be going in order.”

“By the way, were you wearing red yesterday night when you collected the bag of drugs from him?”

“That was good doctor! How did you know?”

“Just a vague guess.”




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The Antique Shop

“No, no, it is not for sale.”

Lee waved his hands frantically at the customer. The customer, a tall American sighed as he placed his hands on his hips. His sky blue eyes darted between Lee’s red face and his object of interest – a blue and gold dragon scale. It was majestic to look at and had an arcane air about it. The American was in complete awe of its splendor. Lee knew that was the only reason the American was still haggling, even after such a long time. He knew the American wanted it badly. The unblemished polish on the scale’s blue body and the striking gold outline could leave anyone wanting.

Lee puffed out hot air, calming himself down.  They had been at it for around ten minutes now. It was not the longest haggling Lee had done, but certainly on the longer side. He had been in the antiques and souvenir business for many years. He called his shop The Authentic Antiques. Lee had dealt with tougher customers. Chinatown, where Lee’s shop and house was located, saw many visitors of different ethnicities. They all had their tricks and techniques, which had only served improved Lee’s skills over the years. Lee was proud of his family owned shop. His father had handled it before Lee and his grandfather before him and so on. His daughter would handle it when Lee was no more, and so it would go on. He personally arranged and rearranged all the items in the shops with care. Tea cups, daggers, lockets, fridge magnets – any and all kinds of souvenirs could be found in Lee’s shop. The shop interior was lit in a combination of red and yellow lights, preserving the traditional Chinatown vibe. Lee’s shop attracted quite a few tourists around the year, but the sales had been down for a few months now.

The American had entered the shop half an hour ago. Lee could instantly tell he was American from the way he spoke and dressed. Lee had a knack of figuring out a tourist’s country of origin, it was his job. Upon a polite enquiry, the American had told Lee that he was not looking for anything in particular. However, he added that he wanted something whose origins lay in the realm of the mystical. The American told Lee that he was fan of wizardry and divination and had a soft spot for anything to do with supernatural forces. Lee liked this kind of customers. They usually paid more than usual, as long as they were sold on the story of the antique being authentic. The items in question were dubiously authentic at best, although such customers did not mind that. Lee had fetched many-a-item for the perusal of the American. He did not even give a second look to Quan’s Sword and Guan’s Jade tablet. He had spent some time looking at the black necklace of sorceress Wu Li. However, he decided that he already possessed the pendant of Circe, and another similar antiquity would serve him no better. The American had turned to leave when his sights fell on a dazzling blue and gold item lying on wall shelf. He had asked Lee about it. Lee had replied saying that it was a dragon scale and that it was not for sale. Both the statements had served in piquing the American’s interest. He had walked towards it and requested Lee to let him see it up close. Lee had agreed and let the American hold the scale in his hands. The American held it for a good two minutes, simply gazing at it without uttering a single word. When he had handed it back to Lee, his eyes were twinkling.

“Mr. Lee, how much is this for?”

Lee held his palms up and shook his head to the sides.

“Sir, this is not for sale. It is a family heirloom, brings us good fortune.”

The American smiled for the first time, turning on his charm. Lee had seen this trick numerous times. Customers would shoot smiles at him in order to get a better deal, and Lee had seen the most gorgeous smiles over the years. This smile however, did not even rank in the top fifty percent of those.

“I am sure a decent offer would change your mind about it.”

“No, no, it is not for sale.”

Lee waved his hands frantically at the American. The American placed his hands on his hips and stood undeterred.

“Mr. Lee, you can have five hundred dollars for it.”

“Look sir, I showed you the best antiques I have, and I guarantee these are the best in all of Chinatown, entirely authentic. Would you not like any of them? We could negotiate on a fair price there.”

“I understand you, Mr. Lee. However, I only want the dragon scale. It would be the crown jewel in my collection.”

“It may just be a part of your collection for you sir, but it has a lot more value to me.”

“I understand your sentimentality. I really do. And for that I am willing to offer you a hundred dollars more.”

“Sir, I am telling you that the scale is priceless. You cannot just value it at six hundred dollars.”

The American looked disappointed. He fished out his wallet and removed ten crisp hundred-dollar bills from it.

“Mr. Lee, this is my final offer- A thousand dollars, in cash. Think about it. It is a darn good deal, if I ever saw one.”

Lee tapped his left temple and looked up to the ceiling. The American was pleased to see that his offer was being considered. He waited patiently for Lee to make up his mind. After what seemed like ages for the American, Lee extended his right hand toward him.


The American shook Lee’s hand as he displayed a wide grin on his face. He handed the wad of bills to Lee and quickly snatched the dragon scale. He shook his fist in the air as a sign of victory.

“Sir, please do take good care of it. You are taking a part of my family with you.”

“I will, Mr. Lee. Thank you so much.”

The smile on the American’s face vanished as he turned and left swiftly from the shop. Lee saw him out and checked the time.

“Time to close the shop,”

He announced.

Lee’s shop was connected to his house via a back door. After locking up the entrance, Lee took the back door and entered his house. His wife called out to him from the kitchen.

“How did it go?”

“It went well. Made a good sale today.”

“Ah! The old heirloom story?”

Lee laughed as he proceeded in removing his clothes.

“Yes, the same old story. Always works like a charm.”

She joined in on the laughter.

“You and your convincing lies! Get ready quickly darling, we are having duck tonight.”

Lee was ready to feast on the ducks his wife had prepared for him.

“You know, I really don’t feel as if I am lying. It is the truth. After all, it is a family thing and it is authentic.”

He lay comfortably on the stone floor.

“Darling, before we have our dinner, could you pluck out one more scale from my back? I don’t like leaving the shelf empty.”

“I will, I will. But only after eating. After all, dragons need their food.”

Lee snorted in agreement letting out a small jet of fire from his nostrils. His huge blue and golden form curled up on the floor, waiting for the arrival of the juicy ducks.



Image credit : http://www.beijing-tours.cn/beijing-shopping/beijing-antique-store.html


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The Song

What a lovely song it was. It never failed to get my fingers snapping and feet tapping. The song was pretty old. Although it was performed first in 1948, I was only introduced to it once I had turned into a young adult a good decade after the song came out. I remember I had heard it for the very first time at the old pub in my hometown. I was sinking down a glass of jack when I heard the melodious voice for the very first time. Some soul with a brilliant taste in music had selected this song on that jukebox. I did not know who he was, but after the song was over, I mentally thanked him. Those were divine five minutes spent with the glass of jack in my hand, and the song on my mind.

The singer of the song sounded so sad. He told us about how he went through great hardships in life : How he lost his parents at a young age, how he was bullied on the streets, how he sang begging for alms. It was a sad song, yes. However, the part that actually hooked me on to the song was the ending. The singer managed to survive through all the hardships and made it in life. It was a happy ending for him. I really enjoyed a good end to every song. As I sat with an empty glass, the barkeeper asked me for a refill. I accepted it. While he refilled my glass, I asked him the name of the song. He told me. Never forgot the name thereafter.  I moseyed to the jukebox, put a coin in and replayed the song. It was a very well spent evening.

Over the years, the song soon became my favorite one. I danced with my soon-to-be-wife on that song on our dates. I got a live band to play it in the background when I popped the question to her. Sometimes I felt that I knew the song better than I knew my wife. Every beat, every tone, even the exact duration of the saxophone solo, I knew it all. I was always quite happy with myself for possessing such intricate knowledge about my favorite song. I passed on the love of the song to my son. He is a teenager now. He has his own brand of loud music he loves blasting on the speakers at home. However, all those times this slow, euphonious track played somewhere in between those other garish tracks, it gave me confidence. Confidence that we had brought up my son right. I have faith that he will keep the fondness I have for the song alive, and pass it on in the future.

Indeed, what a lovely song it was!

It always helps when there is a story to every aspect of you. This song, I never really heard it before they captured me and put me in this tenebrous cell. They keep playing it on loop, every five minutes without a pause. I hear the same thing every day and every night. The only respite from the music I get is when they enter the cell to continue their daily interrogation. I find it amusing to see their reactions when they find out that their music torture has still not broken me. The only way I have remained sane is by building stories about this song. A pub some time, my dad’s favorite song sometime, so many stories I have made up in my mind about why I love this song. I really do not have a choice. I have to continue adoring this song. The moment I start hating it, is the moment they will get to me. This song will never get to me. They will never succeed.


Image Credit: http://stmedia.stimg.co/ctyp_81080777bb82a_feature_1840_2.jpg


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Daily Prompt: Froth

Gini placed her glass on the coaster. The Dunkel in her frosted glass frothed intensely, threatening to spill out. Inu gave her a disapproving look.

“How you can like your beer like this, has always escaped me.”

Gini looked at Inu’s glass. Her pale ale was sitting perfectly, its copper hued body showing only mild signs of a white head.

“Yeah, yeah! I can’t help it if you like to have it in an unhealthy way.”

“Hey! If you are going to froth it and waste so much of it, I would call that a waste.”

Gini lifted the glass and took a deep sip.

“Like I always say – To each their own.”

Inu laughed.

“Are you laughing at my statement?”

“Not at all. Just at your choice in growing facial hair.”

Gini realized she had froth around her mouth. She joined in the laughter. Their laughter was quite loud, but this in no way caused any ruckus, for there was no else in the pub. It was just the two of them and a couple of servers. The dark pub was tailored to emulate an olden Irish establishment. The walls and tiles had a grey stone-finish while the tables were a complimentary shade of gingerbread brown. The setup was complete with a fully stocked bar, displaying all its wares on wooden open-top shelves, and a multitude of beer taps at a ready reach for the barkeep. Maroon-cushioned bar stools completed the look.

“But, speaking of beer froth, is this not where it all began for us?”

“Right you are, Gini. Right you are. Fifteen years ago.”

“Wow! Has it been so long already?”

“Yep! The first year in our graduation struggle. Wait, my graduation struggle. You were always among the top-scorers.”

“Come on, nothing like that.”

“Gini Siqueira – honour student and pride of the batch.”

“Let’s not forget – party animal.”

“Oh yes! That is how we met. You had had one beer too many and were gyrating on the table, much to the delight of all the boys there.”

Gini chortled as she took another swig from her glass.

“I agree. I had had a lot I guess.”

“Totally! And I had to drop you home after you passed out, knocking the whole table’s drinks on to me.”

“Come on, Inu. I have apologized for that. Besides, that is how we met for the first time.”

Inu winked.

“No apologies needed, stupid. I am glad that happened. After that incident, we frequented this place. Our bond growing stronger hand in hand with the increasing potency of the concoctions we drained here.“

“Indeed. But, nothing could replace beer.”

“Cheers to that!”

Gini and Inu clanked their glasses together, spilling the brown and copper liquids on the table.

“That was a hard cheer. We need to be careful, Inu. Lest we repeat what we did after our final marks came through.”

Inu chuckled, but was quick to place her glass down.

“I did not even expect to pass, you know. I hated numbers, and accounts, and all that shit. I just did it because my parents asked me to do it. ”

“Yes, I know. I remember you announcing that they were tyrants who dictated every move you made in life.”

“I said too much, I guess. You know there was a lot happening then. My parents wanted to marry me off. I had my own dreams, I wanted to do a lot before I settled down. They just did not get it.”

“So, you just ran off and came to live with me. Very mature indeed!”

Inu took a large gulp of the beer.

“Come on, I was a kid back then.”

Gini stuck out her tongue.

“And I wasn’t?”

“No you weren’t. You were always the mature one. You were the one who convinced my parents to drop marriage plans. You convinced them that it was okay for me to leave my house and seek my own adventure. Well, all that as long as I promised to call them every day.”

“I may have done that. However, I was not always the mature one. You handled me through my multiple break-ups and problems. Anyone wanting to mess with me had to go through you.”

“That is what best friends are for, no? I had every faith in you that you would become a big-shot – minting money every day.”

“I had to live up to my best friend’s faith, no? I was never as brave as you were. I stuck to the status quo. Worked at those boring 9 to 5 jobs and worked my way up the corporate ladder. I simply walked down a beaten path. You are different Inu. You took the road through the woods. I don’t think I would have been able to work at jobs that interested me but offered no stability.”

“Yeah, I did a lot of different gigs. However, I continued saving up and always worked towards my dream. Speaking of which, I need to get to work now.”

Inu drained her glass and walked up to the bar. She took her place behind the bar. Gini followed her, glass in hand and sat down on the plush stool.

“So, barkeeper, can I get a refill?”

Inu laughed as she took the glass from Gini and refilled it at the tap.

“You can froth it up, Inu. Our journey began covered with froth. Now, I see you have finally achieved your dream. I think we can do with more froth – a refill for my glass and a refuel for our journey.”

“Thanks a lot for everything Gini. I owe you my dream.”

“No you don’t. Your dream is yours and you worked hard to achieve it. I just helped my best friend achieve it. The victory is yours.”

“No, it is ours.”

“Cheers to that, Inu. Shall we turn on the lights then? It is opening night after all.”

Inu had tears in her eyes as she nodded.

“Very well, co-owner. The Frothy Beer has now reopened for business. My dream is our dream now.”


Image Credit: http://img.webmd.com/dtmcms/live/webmd/consumer_assets/site_images/rich_media_quiz/topic/rmq_beer_calories/photolibrary_rm_photo_of_two_glasses_beer.jpg

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