Flash Fiction: Acheri Hunt

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Now the story continues…

The fog had settled in, covering the forest as far as their eyes could see.

Perseus led the group with the two kids in the middle and Billy bringing up the rear. Perseus whispered to the kids.

“You see this fog? It originates from the lair of the Acheri. And the density indicates that it’s feeding time. We better hurry, or else your friend is going to end up as food.”

Gary and Roger shuddered, but picked up their pace. The forest was entirely silent. They group could not hear the wildlife, nor the insects. They barely hear the sounds made by their footsteps. After what seemed like ages, Perseus raised his hand up, signalling the group to halt. He pointed forward. The kids strained their eyes. Finally they saw it.

The monster stood a few feet away with its back towards them. It loomed over a petrified Kye who was tied to a tree…

(To be continued)

Word Count: 155


Mercurial Stories Vol 2 Prompt 2

The Daily Inkling: The Monster

FTS Project #4: Emperor’s Knights

The Emperor had summoned his Knights..and they had answered his summons. They knew that it was a matter of great importance. They waited patiently as their Emperor began to address them..

“Brave Knights, I have need of your skills yet again.”

The Knights traded glances. Their Emperor, the Great King had summoned them after a year. It had been a year of peace for the kingdom. The Knights had whiled away their time in wining, dining and other forms of entertainment. However, their warrior souls craved action, a chance to show off their power and might yet another time. Each knight present was excited at the prospect of a new battle. They spoke in unison.

“We are your eternal servants, Emperor. Command us. What is our mission?”

The king smiled weakly.

“The matter is urgent. The Queen has lost her favorite pearl necklace and nobody can find it. Your quest requires you to find it with haste.”

The Knights looked  at each other in disbelief, and shrugged their shoulders.

Such were the perils of peace…

Word Count: 175


The Emperor had summoned his Knights..and they had answered his summons. They knew that it was a matter of great importance. They waited patiently as their Emperor began to address them..

by The Dark Netizen

Daily Writing Challenge, Nov 14


This is the fourth flash fiction story in the Finish The Story Project (FTS Project)

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Flash Fiction: Threads

I looked at the box holding my threads.

I gave it a good long look, sighed and kept it aside. No time for that. Right now, I had to get my ass to office, and work it off the whole day. That was the only way I could get enough money to repaint my dingy apartment. It would require new air conditioning as well, right now, it feels like a supernova in here. Only my corporate job can pay for all that. It is the only way. Or is it?

I could always begin stitching commercially, become a self employed individual. It would be fun. And maybe, it will pay off all the bills too. I looked at the box of threads again.

Maybe, some other day…

Word Count: 127


FFfAW Challenge – 190th

Word of the Day Challenge “Dingy”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Supernova – November 7, 2018

Flash Fiction: The Spot

This was the spot, just as we decided, right outside Blizzard Arcade.

I had Becky right where I wanted her to be. My former business partner was looking at me quizzically.

“Janice, why are we waiting here? You said you had some urgent business to discuss.”

I checked my watch. The hired assassin would take the cathartic shot precisely in thirty seconds.

“I do have some business to settle with you, Becky.”

Becky laughed.

“I suppose you paid twenty thousand dollars for the settlement, right? I paid forty.”

I looked down to see the red laser dot on my chest….

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 19th October 2018

FOWC with Fandango “Former”

RDP Thursday – Blizzard

Your Daily Word Prompt – Cathartic – October 18, 2018