Flash Fiction: Starry Date

They loved coming to the field on their dates.

It was their quiet place, away from their problems. She would forget all her work pressure and melt in his embrace. He would forget about his daily woes and truly smile in her presence. They would lie down on the grass and gaze endlessly at the starry skies. They would talk about everything under the sun, laugh at each other’s jokes and sometimes, they would simply stare into each other’s eyes. This, was not one such night. This night, they had company.

Company that flew in from space, and abducted them…

Word Count: 100


Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction: Date Night

It was date night at a fancy restaurant I had picked.

“I’ll have a¬†Cabernet Sauvignon.”

I already knew about her¬†infatuation with this variety of red-wine. So, I merely nodded to the waiter, who went to fetch it. It’s been six weeks since she invited me as a guest on her talk-show, where I fell for her.

“Darling, you have picked a lovely place, but I guess rain is going to spoil our date night.”

I snapped. Dozens of colourful umbrellas rose up in the sky, shielding the entire restaurant. I winked at her.

“Perks of being a wizard!”

Flash Fiction: Sunset Date

She loves the sunsets, the mountains, the clouds, the breeze caressing her face, all in all she loves the scenic appeal when on a date.

She she should find the ambience nothing less than perfect, with a set table, complete with a bottle of wine, glasses, and a cozy set up, which I know she will enjoy.

There she stands, soaking in the sunset, looking gorgeous in her pretty white dress that sways in the wind, and now all that remains, is one little push…

Word Count: 85


Three Line Tales Week 136