Microfiction: Walking By

There she is, simply walking by.

I am sure she knows of our existence, but enjoys ignoring us completely. She knows we enjoy watching her as she struts along the sidewalk. The prized poodle that she is, with her flawless hair, and shiny coat, us street hounds can only marvel at her. I wonder why the humans call it a wolf whistle,

When the dogs do it so much better…

Word Count: 70


Kreative Kue 216

Flash Fiction: Equally Nice

I walked around the shop.

With every step I took, I was met with a pair of adorable eyes. There were more beauties in the pet-shop than I could buy. I walked up to an Alsatian. It looked majestic just like its price tag. I shook my head and turned to the shop attendant. I told him my budget. He nodded understandingly. He showed me a white Pomeranian, not as good-looking as the Alsatian, but it would have to do. Beggars can’t be choosers, after all.

Besides, I bet both of them would taste equally nice in a stew…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch April 11 Flash Fiction Challenge

Twittering Tale: Hooman

Humans are not a very smart species.

My hooman however, is not your average human. She’s way less smart. Don’t mistake me. She’s a lovely person and loves me a lot. But not the brightest bulb.

She keeps the air conditioning so low sometimes. I need to wrap myself up in a blanket…

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #128

Flash Fiction: Fetch

When I was a lonely little kid, Doug the dog strayed into my life, as a helpless frightened pup.

As we both grew up, we would end up destroying each other’s loneliness by playing fetch the entire day, it was just me, Doug and the ball.

Now many years have passed, just I and the ball remain, as Doug left for his next adventure, leaving me lonely yet again…

Word Count: 69

Prompt: Three Line Tales Week 142

Flash Fiction: Buster

I had always suspected something was different about Jai. And yesterday night, my suspicion was confirmed.

I had been feeling down for a week. My pet, Buster had disappeared. It had happened suddenly. One day Buster was at home and the next morning he was simply gone. I could find no trace of him. I frantically searched for him, visited the cops, put up fliers and even did some snooping of my own. However, I had no luck.

Everyone at school knew Buster had disappeared and all my friends had tried their best to cheer me up. It had not worked. However, Jai managed to make me smile yesterday evening, and we are acquaintances at best. He had come up to me and given me a figurine of dog and said that he hoped it would cheer me up. It indeed did, I was all smiles.

At night, I decided to name my new figurine Buster, and proclaimed it to the figurine.

I heard a bark in response. Coming from the figurine.

Word Count: 172


FFfAW Challenge – 180th

Flash Fiction: Erased

I met master a year after he lost his wife. He needed a friend. I became that friend. Night and day, I would look after my master, making sure he never took to the bottle again. We shared the most wonderful bond – eating together, going on walks. I would listen to him pouring his heart out and he would laugh at my woofs and wags.

One day, he was gone. They buried him. I will guard his grave and when I am gone, I want them to bury me here as well.

I won’t let our bond be erased.


Word Count: 100

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction 27 May 2018 and Masters of Writing Week 6


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“That rabid cur attacked me!”

The old man explained to the crowd that had gathered, brandishing his tattered clothes. His sullen face, was covered in sweat. The throng of people had encircled the old man, observing the consequences of his actions. A black mongrel lay motionless not two feet away from the old man. The body of the canine lay littered with cuts and bruises. The gut-wrenching howling of the dog had gathered the crowd to the location. Those who had arrived early had seen the creature breathing its last. The crowd had looked at the old man with accusing eyes. He wiped the sweat off his face and dropped the crowbar he was holding. Dashes of red were visible on the crowbar where it lay at the old man’s feet. He dusted his tattered clothes and rubbed his hands together. He addressed the staring crowd.

“The dog attacked me for no reason. I did what I had to do.”

The old man did not offer any more explanation and pushed his way through the crowd. Everyone continued staring at him until he had disappeared from view. No one uttered a word. The dog’s state left everyone aghast.


~ ~ ~


“That rabid cur attacked me!”

The young woman explained to the police officer sitting behind the desk, her face convoluted in disgust. The police officer continued taking notes. He was dutifully lodging her complaint. She had told her story.

“I was returning home, late night yesterday. My friends dropped me on the main road. It was only a couple of streets away from my house. As I was walking home, I saw an old man approaching me. He came right at me and grabbed on to me. He was trying to have his way with me. I was in no state to offer much resistance. He would have raped me right there, had it not been for a dog. From out of nowhere, this black mongrel had attacked the old man. He let me go and ran off in the opposite direction. The dog chased him and I managed to get home. Officer, you need to arrest this man.”

The police officer looked up at the young woman.

“And we will madam, we assure you.”


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Written for today’s Daily Prompt: Cur

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