Flash Fiction: Embrace

Do you remember me?

We used to come here in our youth. You, the merchant Prince, and I a mere farmer girl. Do you remember how you embraced me here, hidden from the eyes of the world?

I remember. I remember how you brought me here after your marriage to some Southern Princess was decided. You pinned me against this tree and impaled me there with your sword.

I remember how the woods embraced me after that. I became a part of them, a vengeful forest spirit. Now you come back here after so many years. Let me complete my vengeance.

Let me embrace you…

Word Count: 105


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #85

Flash Fiction: Embrace

He embraced her tightly.

She suddenly broke free from his embrace and looked behind his back.

“No one followed you, right?”

“Nope, no one. It’s just you and me here.”

“Good. You know, it is exciting meeting like this.”

“Yeah, babe. We are like Romeo and Juliet.”

“Umm, you do know they die, right?”

“Whaat? Why would you give me a spoiler?”

She sighed. He placed an arm around her shoulder.

“We are like Jamie and Cersei, then. No one knows about our affair.”

“Dufus! That is just gross. We are not siblings.Ugh!”

As he laughed and hugged her again, she was lost in thoughts.


If he only he had some brains to go with that cute face….