Flash Fiction: Exhausted

Living on as a survivor is not easy in this wretched world.

I have fought countless battles through my life: For glory, for food, for money, and some times for the sheer fun of it.

In my youth I courted war, but as the years passed, my disgust of those who fuelled conflicts began increasing.

Every man that I have ever killed, every instance when I ended a life, sometimes swiftly, cleanly and sometimes slowly; they are still fresh in my memory.

I am exhausted now, awaiting a quick death.

However, my blade still remains hungry for more blood…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch April 25: Flash Fiction Challenge

Flash Fiction: Trapped

I am caught like a fly in a trap.

I am caught like a fly in a trap.

Immobilized completely, quarantined in darkness and silence.

My adversary got me good, making me fall for his devious machinations.

My eternal body is now trapped in a deathly mesh.

The razor-sharp strings draw fresh blood from my body with every slight movement, exhausting me.

However, my scarred body will escape one day, and he will suffer my wroth…

Word Count: 67


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Image Credit: Trapped by Chaos the Demon