Flash Fiction: Experiments

Mark my words, this novel research is going to put us right into all the books out there: journals, encyclopaedias, history books; maybe even novels and comics.

We are going to become celebrities not only in the science community, but even in the outside world.

Now, we only need to hope that this experiment works during the trials.

The serum should have the same effect as it had on mice.

If it gives the mice intelligence in comparison to humans, imagine what it would do for human subjects.

Aren’t you in agreement about starting human trials early, Dr. Mouse?

Twittering Tale: Experiment

Rise and shine!
Time to check how my successful experiment is doing. Ah! There she is. Good morning Dolly.
Why are there so many Dolly clones here? We had only tested it once yesterday.
Is that Dolly using the cloning machine?

Uh Oh! This can’t be good for us.

(Read more about Dolly the cloned sheep here)

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #110 – 13 November 2018


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