Flash Fiction: Her Eyes

It was all in her eyes.

Our paths crossed in the bazaar. She was standing at the wine merchant’s, drawing no attention to herself. As I waited for the merchant to fetch my wine, I happened to gaze upon her face. Having seen exotic beauties, I thought nothing special of it. However, my thoughts changed once I saw her eyes. Those sapphire blue eyes. She did not attempt to look away. I felt as if my heart was about to stop, the way she was looking at me. Everything else began fading into darkness. The bazaar sounds lulled. I could only see her eyes. I did not see who did it, but someone pulled her and dragged her away. I snapped out from my trance, all my senses returned to me. I caught my reflection in the merchant’s mirror. I looked paler than snow.

Beware those soul stealers, her eyes…

Word Count: 150


#TellTaleThursday – 17th January 2019
#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

Flash Fiction: Eye Candy

I thought I could work this, but this is turning out to be a nightmare.

“Not like that doll, why don’t you deliver the dialogue just as we rehearsed?”

She smiles and nods, just like she did after the previous twenty failed takes. Come to think of it, it is that smile that made me select her over all the other potential leads  for my project. She’s absolutely stunning, a real eye candy. However, I hope I did not make a mistake in thinking that she’ll pick up on the acting bit. She got the pose part down to the t. The dialogue bit..oh well.

“Doll, let’s go through the order of the steps in the scene, again. So that you can get the flow right. First you pose, that’s perfect. Now, we just need to blend that pose with the dialogue.”

She looks at me clueless. I sigh. All she has to do is read it from the teleprompter. The scenery is perfect, she is looking perfect.

I guess I could hire someone to dub the dialogues. Sigh…..


Sunday Photo Fiction – November 4, 2018

Weekly Writing Challenge #166