Flash Fiction: Transform

They promised it would cause my evolution, made me comfortable about volunteering for it.

I was placed on the table, surrounded by them, being observed like a fish in a tank.

The cap was taken off the syringe, and the liquid was injected into me.

I felt nothing, maybe the whole exercise was a farce.

But then, it hit me with a sudden blast, spread through my body with great speed, burning me from within

After the pain had faded and I had looked at their faces, I realised that I had transformed, but not into what they expected….

(The story continues in ‘The Statues’ series. Jump into it right here: Twittering Tale: Statues)

Word Count: 99


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge Week 15

Six Sentence Story “Transform”

FOWC with Fandango “Comfortable”

5 Words Prompt 30/7/2018


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