Microprose: Dull

It is way too quiet now.

The house has lost its charm. No melodies are heard within its walls. Animals and birds have stopped visiting our house. Life has become dull now.

Miss White did add colour to our lives…


YeahWrite #412 Microprose Challenge

The Fairy With The Broken Wing

. I was the right hand of the Fairy King, his most loyal soldier.

One day, as I led the charge on the invading demon army, I was struck on my right wing with a barbed demonic arrow. The black poison inside it spread through my wing. I knew my mission came before me. So, I cut my own right wing and dived to the ground swooping in on the Demon General and lopping his head off. The battle was won. But I lost the ability to fly.

My new flightless body came with dire consequences. I was cast out of the army. I lost the trust of my king and I became an outcast. My very own people forgot about me.

In my pain and sorrow I felt a darkness grow within me. And from that black, demonic darkness, was born a new wing.

A black wing…

Word Count: 175


Tale Weaver #212