The Fairy With The Broken Wing

. I was the right hand of the Fairy King, his most loyal soldier.

One day, as I led the charge on the invading demon army, I was struck on my right wing with a barbed demonic arrow. The black poison inside it spread through my wing. I knew my mission came before me. So, I cut my own right wing and dived to the ground swooping in on the Demon General and lopping his head off. The battle was won. But I lost the ability to fly.

My new flightless body came with dire consequences. I was cast out of the army. I lost the trust of my king and I became an outcast. My very own people forgot about me.

In my pain and sorrow I felt a darkness grow within me. And from that black, demonic darkness, was born a new wing.

A black wing…

Word Count: 175


Tale Weaver #212