FFFAW: The Workers

Image Courtesy: Ellespeth


He watched them from the top of the hill. The two straw-people were working hard, doing their assigned chores. He watched them every day – toiling away in the sweltering heat. He often overheard their laments: how their masters were heartless and how they were being exploited. They shared their joys and sorrows with each other. He could see how when one of them got tired, the other one would lend aid. ┬áThe rigours of their lives were extreme.

Looking at them, he felt sorry. He felt sorry for himself. He was an older model -the scarecrow model – no moving parts. All he could do was to continue standing on top of the hill and observe them. He felt bad that he could never have any friends.


Word Count: 128


FFFAW Photo Prompt Challenge #164