Flash Fiction: Dusk Silhouette

He always comes around sunset time.

I assumed it was a he from the outline of the silhouette. But the fact is that I have no idea about who or even what he is. He only peeks out from behind one of the trees in the woods. Sometimes, he waves. I told my mum about him, but she refuses to believe me. I think he is my dad. He had left us seven years ago, when I was only five. However, I am sure it is him.

Afterall, his grave is still empty…

Word Count: 93


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #23
The image is from Johannes Plenio@pexels.com.

Flash Fiction: Delivery Drones

I watched from my armchair as my son ran towards the window and flung it open.

Before I could ask about his sudden adrenaline boost on a sunday afternoon, he squealed out to me.

“There it is, our pizza’s here!”

That was hardly a reason to make such a fuss. He had just had breakfast a couple of hours ago. He couldn’t be that hungry. My son sensed my thoughts.

“Dad! You’ve got to see this. They are delivering our pizza using a drone. The Pizza Planet people are so cool and smart.”

I watched as the drone flew up to the open window and dropped the pizza into my son’s hands. As soon as the drone had gone out of sight, my son opened the box.

“Dad! They have delivered the wrong pizza.”

I sniggered softly.

Looks like they weren’t so smart after all…

Word Count: 145


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #22

Flash Fiction: The Expert

The Expert’s here.

Why is he called that? Obvious. It’s because he is particularly skilled at what he does. Agreed, we are trained to do it too. However, our training barely scratches the surface of his skills. I have worked with him once before. He carries himself with total confidence, dresses dapper. He always carries with him his tool bag. Yes, it contains all his little devices. Our guest sure is in for a world of serious pain.

The expert knows how to make even the most stubborn people talk…

Word Count: 90


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #19

Photo source – Andrew Neel@pexels.com

Flash Fiction: Gorgeous View

This is indeed a gorgeous view.

The sparkling sea, reflecting the first rays of the sun makes for a picturesque spectacle. However, it serves only as a mere back drop to where my eyes are truly drawn. The nubile beauty lying in bed has all my attention as she slowly rises from her bed. She may model for the top fashion brands in the world, but here she is putting on a show just for me. Renting this house out to her was a splendid idea.

However, the idea of putting in a secret room with a one way mirror was an even better one…

Word Count: 105


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #17

Flash Fiction: Nuclear World

It was a nuclear world.

It all started when some wise man or was it some wiesman suggested that nuclear energy was the only solution to our energy crisis. Shockingly, all the world leaders accepted his opinion and took necessary measures. Nuclear factories were erected all over the world and a new Artificial Intelligence was hired to run them.
The AI started its task by disassembling all nuclear weaponry and reusing it to generate more power. The equation that was being used had enabled the AI to flawlessly generate power, and it never stopped. Pollution and the energy crisis was a thing of the past.

It was a nuclear utopia…

Word Count: 110


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #12

Flash Fiction: A Pirate Gift

It was my sixteenth birthday.

I had awoken to find all the presents I had received, lined up in my room. Like every year, I ran around excitedly, searching for my grandfather’s present. There it was. Neatly wrapped, with a yellow bow on top. I picked the present and opened it neatly. Inside, I found a nice watch, but more importantly, I found a map. Grandpa had told me that his grandpa was a pirate. His legendary exploits had all been narrated to me by grandpa. The treasure he had accumulated was hidden around the world, and its locations were hidden in this map. Grandpa said that he had been uninterested in the treasure and father had been just like him. But, I was different which is why I had been gifted this map.

It has been ten years since that day, and now, I’ve finally deciphered the first clue…

Word Count: 150


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #11

Flash Fiction: Post Apocalypse

Here we stand, post a terse apocalypse.

The world has ended. It was destroyed by us – the war mongering, toxic blemishes of nature. There was nothing left of what was once a beautiful paradise. There is no nourishment and no safety to be found. There is no hope left. Yet, we hold on to each other with our one good arms.

Surviving in our dead world together…

Word Count: 67


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #10

FOWC with Fandango — Terse

Flash Fiction: Mechanical Spider

The prototype is ready.

The turnover of our company has been poor in recent times. This toy will reverse that. I know I’ve said this before, but this time my mechanical spider will definitely bring us money. Now to test it on a kid. Here he comes. Watch how he flees away once this spider begins moving. And..see there as that child runs away in sheer horror. Isn’t my toy brilliant? The perfect toy for this halloween season.

Wait, what do you mean I’m fired?

Word Count: 85


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #9

FOWC with Fandango — Turnover

Flash Fiction: Nice Setup

This is such a nice setup.

The tables and the chairs, are perfectly placed. They even go with the flooring and the walls. This is marvellous, sets the perfect theme for a meal. It is just as I visualized. The designers were worth every penny I paid them. All this is making me hungry now. If only this were a real restaurant.

Oh well, lets finish the shoot early and pack up…

Word Count: 72


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #8

Flash Fiction: Cup Of Coffee

It was late morning as I sat in the cafe.

My mochaccino arrived within five minutes of ordering. It looked appetizing, with the heart-shaped microfoam. I fished my notepad and pen out of my bag and sat back in my chair, looking for inspiration. My eyes spotted a cute lady sitting a couple of tables away. There was a shine in her eyes that the artist inside me could not ignore.

It took me ten minutes, but the girl’s fascinating features were now etched on my notepad. I was debating with myself about going up to her and chatting, when I saw a guy enter and embrace her tightly. She gave him a peck on the lips and left the cafe hand-in-hand with him. Feeling like a fool, I sighed and looked back at my cup of coffee.

It was all cold now, and the heart had already faded away…

Word Count: 150


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #7

FOWC with Fandango – Fool