Flash Fiction: Old Tools

Gentlemen and ladies, take a look at these.

These were the tools used by man. They look prehistoric don’t they? However, you would be surprised to know that they are only a mere hundred years old. This only goes on to show how much we have progressed in a century. Now, if you will follow me, we shall make our way to the observation deck.

With the aid of our technology, we will be able to sit right here and observe our ancestor’s colony, a planet called earth…

Word Count: 88


Friday Fictioneers 14th June 2019


Flash Fiction: Gorgeous View

This is indeed a gorgeous view.

The sparkling sea, reflecting the first rays of the sun makes for a picturesque spectacle. However, it serves only as a mere back drop to where my eyes are truly drawn. The nubile beauty lying in bed has all my attention as she slowly rises from her bed. She may model for the top fashion brands in the world, but here she is putting on a show just for me. Renting this house out to her was a splendid idea.

However, the idea of putting in a secret room with a one way mirror was an even better one…

Word Count: 105


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #17

Flash Fiction: Tedious Camp Out

It had been a tedious camp out.

My tent was surrounded by other tents, all occupied by teens like me. Well, not like me, but teens. The only similarity I shared with all those knuckleheads other than age group, was the purpose of the camp out. We had been blocking our places for the concert that was going to take place in a few hours. I had to bear the incessant giggling, loud laughter and drunken slurs all through the night. I hated teenagers who got drunk and caused a nuisance to others. However, it would all have been worth for the teen idol’s performance, who also happened to be my crush.

Who knew even he would turn up like all the other teens here? Completely drunk and highly vexatious…

Word Count: 130


Sunday Photo Fiction – June 9, 2019

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Flash Fiction: Writer’s Block

A writer’s block is a writer’s worst nemesis, and I intended to defeat mine.

It has been a month since I have written anything. Any and all inspiration alluded me. I simply could not get my mind to weave words together. It had all been going well, until I decided to step out of my box. The greed of the lucrative contract offered to me, made me take that step. There I was wrting about success stories, and now I needed to write short stories themed around murders. I simply could not imagine how a murder took place, let alone the mind of a murderer; until I met that hobo.He was a nobody. It was easy kidnapping him, and now he sits in my wardrobe, bound and gagged.

I finally get to beat my nemesis, with a rather practical approach…

Word Count: 140

Prompt by Sascha Darlington as a part of FTS Project 2.0

Flash Fiction: Dive

It was the most beautiful dive I had ever seen.

I knew she practised hard every day. Which is why she was simply the best. Before the athletics team selections, I came to watch her final practice session. She loved to practice when no one was around. Her dive had been absolutely perfect. I had no chance of being selected when up against her. Such a prodigy was born once in a hundred years. Which is why I almost regretted slipping the live electric wire into the pool.

Well, almost …

Word Count: 90


Friday Fictioneers 20 May 2019

Flash Fiction: To Be Old Again

Has this road become longer, or have I become slower?

Definitely the latter. I really have become old.Look at me, can’t even manage to walk without my cane. I see the road is covered with petals from the tree. The same tree that only a few months ago, stood barren and cold in the winter. If only all us humans had that ability to shed our old skin and look young all over again. Well, I can’t speak for all the humans. But, I’m lucky I discovered the fountain of youth.

Now where did I keep that water-bottle?

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch May 9: Flash Fiction Challenge

Sunday Photo Fiction – May 12, 2019

Finish The Story Project 2

Finish The Story, or the FTS project, as I have grown to call it returns for the second season.

Once again, Tanmay Jain is helming this season. Introducing the participants and their prompts:

1. Ritu Bhathal
Ritu Bhathal was born in Birmingham in the mid-1970’s to
migrant parents, hailing from Kenya but with Indian origin.
This colourful background has been a constant source of
inspiration to her.
From childhood, she always enjoyed reading. This love of
books is mostly credited to her mother.
The joy of reading spurred her on to become creative in
her own writing, from fiction to poetry.
Winning little writing competitions at school and locally
gave her the encouragement to continue writing.
As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and teacher, she has
drawn on inspiration from many avenues to create the
poems that she writes.

A qualified teacher, having studied at Kingston University,
she now deals with classes of children as a sideline to her
Ritu also writes a blog, a mixture of life and creativity,
thoughts and opinions, which was awarded first place in
the Best Overall Blog Category at the 2017 Annual
Bloggers Bash Awards.
Ritu is happily married, and living in Kent, with her Hubby
Dearest, and two children, not forgetting the furbaby
Sonu Singh.
Having published an anthology of poetry, Poetic RITUals,
she is currently working on some short stories, and a
novel, to be published in the near future.
Blog – But I Smile Anyway
Blog Link –
Twitter –
Facebook ID –
Instagram –
Pinterest –
Goodreads –
Flipboard –

Mix –
Tumblr –
LinkedIn –
Bloglovin –
Prompt – I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus. I did. Well, not
Santa, but some fat bearded dude, who wasn’t my dad…

2.Sascha Darlington
Tech writer, creative writer and book blogger from
Washington, DC
Blog – Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored
Blog –
Twitter ID –
Prompt – A non-risk-taking writer has writer’s block, so
they decide to do something they’ve never done before to
inspire them.

3. Suchita Agarwal
A writer and content creator, Suchita Agarwal believes
words are where the magic is. You can find her on Twitter,
Instagram and WordPress. She goes by talesofsuchita.
Blog – Tales of Suchita
Blog Link –
Twitter ID –
Instagram –
Prompt – The last thing I remember…

4.Tanmay Jain
Tanmay Jain is a blogger, book reviewer, writer and
bibliophile from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has been reading
books since he was a child and hasn’t stopped since. He
started his first blog in 2016 and since that, after many
unsuccessful attempts at managing a successful blog, he
landed on his current and most successful blog, Scion of
Society. Tanmay dabbles mostly in fiction writing but
sometimes wanders off to poetry, book reviewing and writing tips. He is an editor for his school magazine,
X-rays. He’s a teenage writer, aspiring author, and a
budding blogger.
Blog – Bookinton
Blog Link –
Twitter ID –
Facebook ID –
Prompt – There was something extraordinarily ordinary
about murder than people just didn’t get!

And..finally, there’s me!

Here’s my prompt:

A standard corporate boardroom meeting is
underway, but the boss has hidden motives…

Bon Voyage to my fellow writers, and happy reading, everyone! 😀

Microfiction: Walking By

There she is, simply walking by.

I am sure she knows of our existence, but enjoys ignoring us completely. She knows we enjoy watching her as she struts along the sidewalk. The prized poodle that she is, with her flawless hair, and shiny coat, us street hounds can only marvel at her. I wonder why the humans call it a wolf whistle,

When the dogs do it so much better…

Word Count: 70


Kreative Kue 216

Flash Fiction: First Mission

The mission was a go.

We received confirmation on the radio. The dacoits were hiding out in the abandoned structures not too far from the village. It was a hunt-and-kill operation. This wasn’t the first time for the task force. However, I was a rookie on this taskforce and my rifle had never seen service. I was confident in my abilities and special training, right until the dacoits returned fire and the squad captain took a bullet to the head. I have never forgotten the mission nor the captain’s eyes.

On some days, I do regret being a double agent…

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 10th May 2019

The Future Man

He was the next step in evolution.

Designed by the smartest minds in the world, he was the prototype for the new human. Flesh was married to machine, and The Future Man was born. Created to be perfect in every way, all human shortfalls were covered up by the machine part. The cybernetic enhancements made him stronger, smarter, faster, in short better than his fellow men. A.D.A.M. was perfection incarnate.

Or so he was supposed to be. In some time, his human personality began overpowering his logical machine side. Narcissism set in, giving rise to a superiority complex. Unchecked, it gradually grew into a hatred for the weak human race. A.D.A.M. had to be put down. The programme was shelved. The scientists had been drastically wrong at their calculations.

Humans were not ready to evolve…

Word Count: 135


May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt