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Flash Fiction: Our Plan

We planned it perfectly.

We knew about his schedule. He was a man of habit and never swayed from his plans. That made it easy for us to hatch the plot. The servants were easy enough to get rid off. A coin here, a holiday there, and they weren’t going to cause any problems. His bodyguards were an issue, but wine and women had taken care of them.

On the planned date, he was all alone during his walk. The senile statesman did not even notice his solitude until our knives pierced him.

His reign was finally at an end…

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers April 12 2019
PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Flash Fiction: Barricade

“Ahoy, Admiral! The last ship is in place.”

I stood looking at the flotilla that had been gathered. These were all pretty vessels. It was almost too sad to see these pieces of beauty go to waste. I turned to my first mate.

“Very good. Give the order for lowering the bridge. Post that, make sure all captains and their crews get back inside the town.”

“Aye, aye sir.”

I looked on as the bridge began lowering, a perfect compliment to the setting sun. Maybe all this would not be enough after all. However, as the admiral and leader of this town, I will do what I can to stop the wave with my barricade.

Even though the sun has set, I will make sure the town survives to see the sun rise. Somehow. Anyhow. My town will survive.

Word Count: 139

Prompt: FFfAW Week 187

Flash Fiction: Another Dark Day

Nothing has changed today. It is just another dark day.

The temperature has dropped further as the town continues to receive stormy showers. The window of my bedroom has fogged up. This fog can be wiped off with a quick sweep of my hand. I wish removing the clouds in my life was as easy. Then again, not that it matters.

The rainy weather brings with it a fresh wave of gloom. In a life so dark, what difference does a few shades darker make? The rains may bring in the gloom, but that is not the only thing. He skips office, and stays at home. He makes me face the window, and forces his way inside. Initially, I used to say no, fight back even. Then, when he refused to stop and ignored how the torrents running down my cheeks reflected the weather outside, even I stopped trying, turned stoic. Here he comes again, I am already facing the window, watching the storm contrast my numbness.

Afterall, it’s just another dark day.

Word Count: 173


FFfAW Challenge – 182nd

Manic Mondays 3 way prompt – Stoic

Flash Fiction: Cake

Choosing a cake is so tough.

It is my birthday after all. The cake maker is waiting impatiently for me to make up my mind, grimace on his face.

“Kid, you have been here for an hour. Choose already.”

I won’t retaliate. It’s a happy day. I don’t want to spoil the rare day I get to step outside the enclosure. Can’t wait to say grace and attack the cake.

“Red Velvet, please.”

“Delivery at?”

“Munro’s Center for Mental Instability.”

The man gave me the same look, I received whenever I step out, always escorted ofcourse.

No worries…


Word Count: 100


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 17

Your Daily Word Prompt – Enclosure – September 10th, 2018

Scotts Daily Prompt Grimace



FOWC with Fandango — Stability


Image Credit: https://www.whositfor.co.uk/collections/greetings-cards/products/happy-birthday-cake-man

Flash Fiction: Workplace

A new day begins. Can’t wait to get to work!

I love working here. Our work areas are customizable.  Today feels like a day for a sky blue theme. Also, I’m thinking a nice ten inch pepperoni pizza for lunch today. Oh! And a nice pitcher of wheat beer to wash it down with. All this on company expense. Sounds like a great day already. The best part about my workplace and job, is my boss. He’s such a fun guy. Speaking of which, need to take his call now.

“Good morning, sir! Righto! On my way, Mr. Santa!”

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch September 6: Flash Fiction Challenge


Flash Fiction: End

This is the Eleventh and Final part of the story!

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Happy reading! 🙂

Medusa cackled.

The naive boy had come under pressure and taken his shot too early. She only had to move her body slightly, and the bullet passed harmlessly from her side. Now he was her prey. Nothing could stop her. The idiot boy would die first, and soon the sniper would join his colleague. Then she would have her time with Perseus. She would savor the sound of his last breaths wane, and then she would add him to her statue collection. She had pursued her vengeance for so long now, and finally it was within her grasp.

Billy had watched in dismay as his shot missed. The recoil of the heavy weapon had knocked him back. He could feel his shoulders bleeding. He knew he could not take another shot, even if his body was in a condition to. His arms slumped down, still clutching the gun, waiting for the inevitable to happen. He saw Medusa cackling, ready to deliver the death blow on him. And then, she stopped moving, a pair of arms holding her back.

Medusa could feel her nemesis’ arms wrapped around her. Her movement was completely restricted. The creator of statues, was now unable to move herself. She heard  the voice of Perseus coming from behind her.

“Shoot, now!”

Billy did as he was instructed. He got back to his feet and summoned the last dregs of his strength. He aimed at the immobilized Medusa’s heart, and fired. This time the recoil broke his arm, and knocked him further back. The bullet went clean through Medusa’s heart. A perfect shot.

Perseus had held on to Medusa until the very last second. He had not let go until the bullet had passed clean to her heart. He had known what would happen after that. However, he was prepared for it. He slumped to the ground next to Medusa, the bullet having gone through his chest as well. Perseus felt himself drift into darkness.

Cadet Billy and Agent Keynes watched from afar as Medusa’s body began crumbling into dust. Perseus lay motionless. The two agents rushed to check up on him. There were no signs of life. He was gone. Billy looked at Keynes. Keynes heaved a sigh.

“Mission successful, Cadet.”

Billy nodded, clutching his broken arm. Speaking of broken arm, he believed he would hang on to the heavy weapon. He started walking towards where he had dropped it.

“You better not be thinking of stealing my gun.”

Billy and Keynes turned around to face the source of the faint voice. They saw Perseus back on his feet. Billy stood with his mouth open.

“Hold on. You died.”

“Yeah, well, it didn’t stick.”

Keynes smiled to himself as Perseus walked up to his gun, and picked it up. He turned to Billy.

“Besides, someone needs to train this kid…”

Word Count: 475


Weekly Writing Prompt #156

AUTHORS! Flash Fiction Challenge 27 August 2018


This was real fun for me, creating a series out of various weekly prompts. I do hope you had fun reading it as well. Would love to hear your thoughts on the series.

PS –

The scene in which Medusa and Perseus get shot, was inspired from Dragon Ball Z :


Happy reading! 🙂


Flash Fiction: The Mirror

Dressing up had taken some time, but it was finally done. It was time for a quick rehearsal.

I walked up to the mirror. I definitely looked the part, with the deerstalker and pipe. The squeaky clean, new mirror, showed my reflection clearly. It was worth the 0.75 pounds I had paid for it. I twisted and turned, checking myself out from all the angles, and I must say I had a done a damn good job. I was definitely going to do well on my audition. However, my look alone was not going to win me the part. I needed to be ace at my acting as well. In my mentor’s words, I needed to feel my role and become my character. I coughed and rehearsed my line in my best British accent.

Elementary my dear Watson.”

“You know he never said that, right?”

Came a voice from the mirror.

Word Count: 150


Fractured Faith Flash Fiction Challenge – The Mirror


Weekend Writing Prompt “Elementary”


Image Credit: Leon Gordon Elegant Man in Mirror painting

Flash Fiction: Magic

The old man observed the couple in his crystal ball.

They were standing at the sea face, hand in hand, looking at the setting red orb in the sky.

“You know baby, when we are together, it feels magical.”

She looked into his eyes and smiled in agreement.

The old wizard however had a grim face. He spotted two shadows approaching the oblivious couple. There was no way they could sense the darkness approaching. The old man turned to his assistant.

“Merlyn, we need to move fast. We cannot lose our source of magic. We must protect true love…”

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch August 23 Flash Fiction Challenge



Image Credit: Wizard Painting – Thinker Wizard by Rob Carlos

Flash Fiction: Rescue

“Okay, are you sure about this? I know the act needs to be realistic, but using real fire is bound to be dangerous. I am not so sure.”

Dale clicked his tongue.

“See Karen, you are quite safe. The fire will be lit around you, at a safe distance. You won’t even feel the heat.”

Karen rolled her eyes, and continued studying the receipt.


“I seriously doubt that. Okay, I get what the diesel is for. What is the point of the coke?”

“Ah! Good question. In order to simulate the force of a water hose, we will shake the cans and spray the coke on the fire. That will extinguish the flames.

Karen raised an eyebrow.

“Umm..okay. And what is the mint for?”

Dale coughed.

“When the heroic fireman, that’s me, rescues the damsel in distress, that’s you, she shows him her appreciation. I wanted it to taste fresh.”

Karen let out at an exasperated scream.

“Okay, that’s it! Manager! I quit. There is no way I am going to be a part of this play.”

Word Count: 172


Fractured Faith Flash Fiction Challenge 3