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The Blood Drive

The posters had talked about a mass blood drive. It was the first time something like that was happening in my small town. I decided to check it out, more out of a sense of curiosity, than a zeal to help save lives.

Before leaving for the blood drive, I had called up their number from the pay phone next to my house. My phone had been out of order for a few days now. The lady who responded, jovially confirmed that the blood drive was indeed taking place, and around fifty individuals had already donated. I walked up to the specified location. Since my town was quite small, every locality was quite within walking distance. As I walked up to the blood drive tent, I noticed that the street was empty. Not that it was usually bustling with activity, but today it was as silent as a grave. I guessed everyone had gone for the blood drive. However, as I entered the tent, I could see no townsfolk in there. The only person inside, was a nurse, who was looking me over. She smiled at me and motioned me towards the chair.

“Please, sir. Make yourself comfortable. The doctor will be here in just a moment.”

Her well-fitting outfit, and volcanic hair, made it very hard for me to notice much anything else inside the tent. I smiled back at her, and settled down in the chair. She turned around, and went back to her seat, her heels click-clacking as she walked. The doctor appeared moments later. His voice muffled by his mask, he asked me to ease up and stretch my arm forward. As I did so, he shot me a grin, showing off his razor-like teeth. I was immediately appalled by him. Before I could say a word, he pulled back the sleeves of my flannel shirt, and pierced me with his long nail. Now, I did not know much about how blood drives worked, but I knew no doctor would do this. My instincts told me to escape.

Just as I was about to get up from the chair, I realized my body had gone numb. It was not responding to my thoughts. The doctor motioned to the nurse, who click-clacked over to the chair. Her eyes were trained on the blood oozing out of the wound created by the doctor. She drew out her tongue, her snake-like long tongue, and licked the blood on my arm.


She was hissing now. The doctor removed a syringe filled with a green liquid and injected me with it. The skin around my wound began burbling. As agonizing pain hit me, I noticed a frog hop inside the tent. Then I saw another, and another. There was a huge number of frogs hopping around in the tent. The doctor hissed at the nurse.

“Well, this boy makes it fifty one. Just one more to go, and then we have a year’s worth of food.”

The last thing I noticed before blacking out, was the skin around my wound turning green, and slimy….

Word Count: 515


October Flash Fiction Draw

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Image Credit: Concept Art by TheGurch : https://www.deviantart.com/thegurch/art/Scary-Skull-Doctor-concept-art-292059860