Three Line Tale: Flashy

Everyone arrived dressed in black, their faces and moods as grim as their attire.

We were all waiting for her to arrive, not that we expected her to come even for her father’s funeral.

But arrive she did, in her usual flashy attire, like a bright ray of disorienting sunlight piercing through the dark clouds…


Three Line Tales, Week 168

Flash Fiction: Red Carpet

He put on his best smile, and began walking down the red carpet, flashing his perfect set of teeth to the cameras.

The paparazzi had all gathered to one side of the carpet.

He was unperturbed even when he knew the press wanted a piece of him.

He had been nominated for best actor this year, as he showed flashes of sheer acting brilliance, in addition to his chiseled features.

Dressed in his well fitting tuxedo, he posed for the flashing cameras.

The fitting had turned out quite tight, and as he turned, he ended up flashing the cameras…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch March 14 Flash Fiction Challenge

Six Sentence Story – Flash

Flash Fiction: The Line

Gupta was thoroughly bored now. He had been waiting in queue for a long time and the line had only increased rapidly.

Gupta looked around. Most of the people in the line were teens and young adults. Making conversation seemed difficult. The teenage girl standing behind Gupta sensed his uneasiness and broke the ice.

“The line is too slow. However, it is surprising to see you in this line.”

“Isn’t this the entry line for people who died while clicking photographs?”

“Not exactly! This line is for selfie deaths. The regular camera photo line is over there!”

Gupta sighed.


Word Count: 99

This story was written in response to Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge “Line”


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Flash Fiction: Friendship

It was a bright day, a good day. Sam and Mara were lying on the park greens. Sam suddenly sat up and pointed to a group of kids playing football.

“Mara, lets grab their ball and run away.”

“God! How old are you, Sam? Why trouble them?”

“Experiences like these will just make them better friends. Besides, it’ll be fun.”

Sam made his signature puppy face. Mara sighed.

“Go ahead.”

In a few seconds, the kids were hugging each other, screaming in fright. Their ball was levitating away.


Sam and Mara spent their days as best friends.

Even after death.



Written for Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge


FFFAW: The Workers

Image Courtesy: Ellespeth


He watched them from the top of the hill. The two straw-people were working hard, doing their assigned chores. He watched them every day – toiling away in the sweltering heat. He often overheard their laments: how their masters were heartless and how they were being exploited. They shared their joys and sorrows with each other. He could see how when one of them got tired, the other one would lend aid.  The rigours of their lives were extreme.

Looking at them, he felt sorry. He felt sorry for himself. He was an older model -the scarecrow model – no moving parts. All he could do was to continue standing on top of the hill and observe them. He felt bad that he could never have any friends.


Word Count: 128


FFFAW Photo Prompt Challenge #164

Flash Fiction: Empty Street

Bad things can happen at any time. However, the worst things tend to happen while alone. My story is of such a time of solitude.

Imagine an empty street, in the wee dark hours. Walking alone, not a soul in sight. Your heartbeats keeping pace with your swift footsteps. Nervously looking around, hoping that no horrors hide in the shadows. Then you see it – A moving silhouette. You brush it off as a figment of your imagination. Sadly, it is not. You realize too late. The knife is deep inside you when you see the face – My face.



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