Microfiction: Warrior In Her

The war had destroyed cities.

The onslaught of the dark king had orphaned many children and left them homeless. One such child managed to find her way to the Greenroot forests. These forests were thought to be so magical, that even the dark king stayed away. The forest dwellers- The ancient roots, watched over the little girl. They knew that the dark king would one day turn his eyes towards the forest and attack it, bringing the war to the forest. They would need a human warrior, adept in the ways of the roots.

They saw that warrior in her…

Word Count: 100


The Aether Prompt: March 20th, 2019

Flash Fiction: Forest Flute

It held great power within it, the forest flute.

One day, a fair village maiden came across the flute on her way back from the forest. Little did she know, that this elegantly carved flute had been crafted by the wood elves and had been enchanted with their magic. The very next day, trying her hand at playing the flute, she realised she was capable of creating sweet melodies. These tunes attracted all the forest fauna in her vicinity. They would trot towards her, and surround her, becoming the perfect audience of her flute orchestra. Their heads swayed, ears tingled and their feet would tap in rhythm with the tunes she would play. This would become a daily affair. The problem arose many years later, after the forest had burnt down and the fauna had perished.

The tunes of the flute continued attracting the deceased animals. From beyond their graves…

Word Count: 150


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #1

Flash Fiction: Holiday Season

It was holiday season, and I was back at my forest cottage.

I saw my neighbour, old man Nelson chopping up wood. I greeted him.

“Hey Mr. Nelson! Good to see you again.”

In his typical style, he grunted at me.

“Why do you continue chopping up the firewood, even now? There are better options available. You can switch to electric heating.”

He wiped the beads of sweat off from his forehead and gruffly replied.

“You kids of today won’t understand.”

I smiled at him.

“Come on, Mr. Nelson. I’m sur I will understand if you tell me.”

Old man Nelson rested his arms on the axe.

“Look kid, I believe in giving every guest that visits my lodge an authentic experience. A fireplace is a part of that experience.”

I nodded at while smiling to myself. I guessed that the bad food and the lack of services were also a part of cheap lodging experience…

Word Count: 156


Sunday Photo Fiction 17 February, 2019

Twittering Tale: Campfire

They sat at the campfire.

The flames were warm and mood was jolly. They sang merry tunes and shared scary stories. They were enjoying nature’s grace.

They paid no heed to the eerie fog settling around them, nor notice the creatures coming from the forest.

Taking all of them away…

(Find the sequel here – Flash Fiction: Boots )

Character Count: 280

Prompt: Twittering Tales #119

Twittering Tale: Forest of Hands

Many years ago, the government had decided to clear the forest. All trees were to be cut down. In response, a group of naturalists had started a tree hugging movement. Since they loved the trees, the trees absorbed their bodies.

Only their hands remain visible, to this day..

Character Count: 275

Prompt: Twittering Tales #107

Flash Fiction: The Test

She had never felt less prepared for a test in her entire life. Not a clue about her final test. She needed to be at her best. However, the surrounding gloomy forest was not helping one bit.

Her examiners were leading her deeper into the forest. She did not feel right about the test. She wanted to run back home and hide under her bed covers. She knew that was not an option. Finally, after trudging for an hour through the murky woods, she reached her destination. She finally saw it – her final test. It was an antique car. Grey and red in colour, it looked in great shape other than its wheels. The wheels were not attached to the car. They were placed right next to where they were meant to be. Her examiners pointed towards the car.

“Fix it and drive us out of here.”

She had never imagined this would be her final test.

“I have never driven one before. I was not trained for it.”

The oldest examiner placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Cadet, you cannot train for everything. If you are going to infiltrate the humans, you need to improvise.”


Word Count: 197



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