Flash Fiction: Objective Fruits

The masked men had surrounded us.

Their leader stepped towards me, and removed his mask, revealing his repulsive face.

“You are protecting the plant of power. Simply surrender, we will take the fruits that will make us impervious to defeat, and be on our way.”

I smiled weakly, and wiped the blood off my face.

“You don’t know anything about the plant. It cannot survive anywhere else other than this formerly attractive garden, which you destroyed. And most importantly, we don’t protect the plant, it protects us.”

The masked men turned too late to see the plant sprouting thorns…

Word Count: 99


Weekend Writing Prompt #98 – Impervious

Sunday Photo Fiction – March 24, 2019


Flash Fiction: Wine Ceremony

Cheers to The Barzelli Family!

Please enjoy the finest wine and the most scrumptious food I have to offer. I, Don Barzelli present you all with gifts on this joyous occasion of our annual wine ceremony. My chefs have informed me that the food they have prepared, far exceeds the standards of any restaurant in this city. Dig in!

Ah! Paulo, good job with those judges, you have earned this wine you are sipping on. Grenario, my top caporegime, the way you dealt with those Russians was sublime. Do enjoy the salmon. Oh, there he is, little Mario. Pigging out on the exotic fruits there. Tell me, Mario do you like them? Yes, of course you do. Answer this though, do you know what kind of fruit Eve ate? An apple, no? You see Mario, Eve ate the fruit of temptation, and temptation got her banished from Eden.

Why did you sell your family out for a handful of cash? Does The Barzelli Family mean so little to you? You saddened me, boy. You know what comes next don’t you?

Yep, take him away, and feed him to the fishes…

Word Count: 190


YeahWrite’s Weekly Writing Challenge #412

Flash Fiction: Ingredients

I looked at the receipt and then at my shopping list.


“Okay, that’s done then. Fruits are off my list. I already got sugar, picked a generous amount of spices. Am I forgetting anything?”

I admit talking to myself makes me appear as a mad scientist to the bystanders. And they would not be completely wrong. I am a genius, so yes, partly mad, and I am a professor of science. So yeah, I do talk to myself all the time so that I do not forget something. It helps most of the times.

“Okay, so flowers are nice things. I’ll pick a nice bunch of them on the way home. That should complete all the ingredients. Oh yes! And I should definitely remember not to add Chemical X!”

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Word Count: 130


SoCS Sept. 22/18

Fractured Faith Flash Fiction Challenge 4