Twittering Tale: Valentine’s Gifts

“Isn’t this too much?”

No man. She loves small gifts. See it says so on her Facebook status.

“Been stalking her?”

Yep. I even know where she lives.

“You are being crazy. That’s illegal.”

If that is what it takes.

“Okay idiot, what’s next, a love letter written in blood?”

Yep. Yours…

Character Count: 280


Tales #123 – 12 February 2019

Flash Fiction: Wedding Gift

The wedding loomed closer and all Tay could do was think of storm clouds. He did not want any delays in the arrival of the wedding gift because of the rains.

Tay had taken it upon himself to supervise all the wedding preparations. After all, it was his closest friend’s wedding. His closest friend also happened to be the Chieftain of the tribe, and Tay happened to be the second-in-command. It was a time of war, and Tay had to make sure the event would go smoothly, as planned. He had already set a plan in motion that would ensure that.

He peered down the hill, towards where the stairs began. The wedding gift should be arriving soon. The sun was almost up, and the wedding was scheduled to begin at dawn. Tay began pacing up and down the stairs. The sky rumbled. It looked like it was going to be a rain ceremony. Just as the first drops of rain began hitting the ground, Tay spotted the messenger. He rode up the stairs on his horse and presented Tay with a sack. Tay looked into the sack, and nodded satisfactorily. Yes, the wedding gift was here – a sack of mystery meat to be cooked for the wedding meal.

Tay knew that his friend would enjoy eating the hearts of his enemies on his big day.

Word Count: 227


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