Microfiction: The Hand

This is a first.

I’m used to seeing individual body parts. It is a part of my hobby. I’m a serial hacker. Not the computers kind, the chop-chop kind. Yep, I enjoy cutting up people after I’ve killed them. The killing part is just a necessary evil. But, living people don’t particularly enjoy getting cut up. Anyway, I’m used to seeing body parts. However, I’m not used to seeing a particular part return and try to kill me. Well, the owner of the hand did mention he was into voodoo or something. No worries.

Looks like this hand is about to lose a few fingers…

Word Count: 105


Foto Flash Fiction Challenge: Jul 19 2019

Photo source- https://morguefile.com/p/180645

Microfiction: Handstand

“This is not working out.”

You have to give it time, it will work out.

“No! I’ve given it enough time. I want to end it.”

You can take a break.

“Not a break. I want a complete stop.”

Okay sure, babe. I only wanted the best for you.

“There was nothing remotely good about it.”

Come on! The handstand increases blood flow to the brain, and lets you think clearly.

“That’s exactly what happened. I’m breaking up with you…”

Word Count: 80


Photo Challenge #252

Twittering Tale: Forest of Hands

Many years ago, the government had decided to clear the forest. All trees were to be cut down. In response, a group of naturalists had started a tree hugging movement. Since they loved the trees, the trees absorbed their bodies.

Only their hands remain visible, to this day..

Character Count: 275

Prompt: Twittering Tales #107