Alphabet Haiku: V

Vile Vampire Visits,
Vixenly Virgins Vanish.
Victual Victims Vale…


Alphabet Haiku Challenge ~ V



Flash Fiction: The Undertakers

Our orders were simple: Hunt and Eliminate…

War is in the basic nature of man, and Governments have gone to great lengths to gain the upper hand in wars. Some turned to science, while others turned to things not explained by science – The occult. Dark creatures were summoned only to bring about destruction. However, nobody thought about how to send back these creatures once the wars were over, and a time of peace settled in. That’s where The Undertakers came in. We were tasked with monitoring these hell-spawn and taking action when required. Now, the time to take action had come.

The dark creatures had been placed in isolated locations, and for many years they had remained docile. However, a couple of days ago, the monsters at Location Pandora came out from their coma. They broke through the barriers, and attacked the neighboring city, ravaging everything in their path.

The Undertakers were vigorous in their attempt to eliminate all the rampaging hell-spawn. However, it proved to be more difficult than expected. The monsters were somehow quite prepared for our assault, and it did not take long for the situation to spin out of control.

The Commanding Officer was taken out while ranting out orders to the squads. The monsters came from underground, latched on to the CO with their razor sharp teeth, and ripped him apart limb from limb. Our bullets were being rendered useless by the thick skin of the colossal ones. We might as well have used bows and arrows. Our only option was to take a page out of the survival guide and retreat. The sudden surge in the intelligence of these creatures had made that option quite difficult as well. Now, it was every squad for itself.

Our assault had turned into a fight for survival….

Word Count: 300


Mercurial Stories Prompt 36: Oh The Horror

Weekly Writing Challenge #169

FOWC with Fandango – Coma

Word of the Day Challenge – Docile


Twittering Tale: Wells

Most of the water had gone.
The only path left, was to fight for whatever little water was left in the deep-sunk wells. And so started the third world war. Millions perished. However, it was not long before we had to unite once again.
The invaders from the wells, made it happen….

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales # 111 – 19 November 2018


Flash Fiction: Captive

I found myself unable to break free from my bindings.

I heard as my captor walked towards me with slow steps, humming to himself. I needed to break free and escape. However, with my legs bound together and hands tied behind the back of the chair, escaping was easier said than done. I could not even see where I was. I shuddered as the man ran his fingers over my exposed neck and shoulders.

“Well baby doll, you sure look glamorous in that sexy dress.”

I struggled with the ropes as the man jiggled an object near my ears. The splashing sound indicated that it was filled.

“However, all that glitters is not gold. Ain’t that right, baby? You are all rotten from the inside.”

I screamed in agony as he poured the liquid over me. I could hear his laughter.

“Here’s some holy water, demon lady. This ought to deterge you. You do not belong here, go back to hell!”

Word Count: 162



Scotts Daily Prompt “Need”

Word Prompt “Glamorous”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Deterge – November 15, 2018



Flash Fiction: Sculpture

Finally, it’s complete.

It looks perfect if I say so myself, just as I had visualized in my dreams. After weeks and weeks of toiling under the sun, braving the strong winds and sitting out in the dark night, my masterpiece is complete. People will look at it in awe, gaze at it in puzzlement, trying to figure out the meaning behind my art. They will understand soon. It’ll all become clear when my master appears on Earth. My master, The Great Old One is coming.

And boy, will he be pleased with this sculpture he commanded me to make….

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 9th Nov, 2018

Microprose: Rise

I survey the hallowed grounds.

The many graves mark the locations of those resting in peace. I am here to disturb their peaceful slumber. I make a cut on my left thumb with a knife, and let my blood drip onto the holy grounds. I hold out my bleeding hand.


The spell works, my undead army stands before me.

The world will fall…

Word Count: 64

Written for YeahWrite #395 Microprose Challenge


Twittering Tale: Don’t Peek

It has existed for many years.
Every subsequent generation is told about the mirror. How it is to remain undisturbed and untouched, no peeking. But, every generation has one inquisitive one. My little had brother removed the white sheet and peeked into it.

He is still inside….

Character Count: 278


Twittering Tales #109 – 6 November 2018