Microfiction: Ignite





All rockets launched successfully. Planet He-One’s space armada was ready to explore Earth…

Word Count: 17


Weekend Writing Prompt #87 – Ignite

Flash Fiction: Revenge 3

This is the last part of the Old Witch’s Tale..

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Pete snuck up to the back entrance.

Pete hated the butcher for the public beating he had given Pete. Pete wanted vengeance. It was essential. He fetched a log from his bag, ignited it, and got ready to throw. The embers from the log found their way to his back. Pete instinctively let go of the log and dropped to the ground, dousing the fire. The log rolled into the bag, which contained a kerosene can. The explosion propelled the log forward with great force, lodging it into Pete’s waist.

The Witch’s revenge was now complete. Three trophies claimed.

Word Count: 99


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #174

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 14

FOWC with Fandango — Essential