Flash Fiction: Clash 3

This is the Tenth part of the story!

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The bullet hit Medusa right at the centre of her forehead, knocking her back.

Within moments, she got to her feet. The bullet had failed to put even a scratch on her. She spotted Agent Keynes among the trees, reloading his gun. Billy sucked in his breath and aimed for Medusa’s heart. It was a difficult shot to take. The weight of the gun combined with the distance he was at, made hitting the target a herculean task. Nevertheless, Billy knew he had to do it.

Medusa sensed a presence other than the mortal with the sniper rifle. She shifted her gaze to the left and noticed the hidden presence. It was only a young lad, struggling to hold the gun he had trained on her. She recognized the gun as Perseus’ heavy pistol. It was a potent weapon that could kill her, but only in the hands of Perseus, who lay crumpled by her feet. She would take out the foolish boy first and then the other agent. She readied herself to make a quick dash towards the lad. He was no match for her speed.

Billy saw Medusa shift her stance. He could sense her bloodlust being directed towards him. He gulped. This had now become a do or die situation for him. One shot would determine which way it went. He shot at her, placing all his hope in the one bullet. He watched on, as Medusa calmly dodged the bullet.

He had missed. He knew had reached the end of his journey.

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Word Count: 310


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