A to Z Challenge: K – Kukudhi

Greetings, mortals! Dr. Skull is back again with another tale for you. I am not one to lavish tales upon you, and you may call me stingy. But, I am no miser. This story though, does deal with the miserly. Listen well…

It was a dark and stormy night.

A cliched beginning to a tale, but then again, I was no extraordinary person. Just a regular traveller, making his way from one town to another. Caught in the storm, there was no way I could complete my journey. I knew of an abandoned cottage en route, and I decided to spend the night there till the downpour stopped.

I had knew the stories about this cottage. People were warned not to spend the night over here. It was haunted, they said. No one who stayed here left alive. The stories said that a Kukudhi resided here. This man was a miser in life and remained one in the afterlife. Trespassers in the cottage were supposedly murdered by this spirit. I believed the stories, but yet I chose to spend the night there. I was no brave heart but I did not fear the Kukudhi. You see, I could have made my journey in a carriage, or horse. I did not lack the funds.

It’s only that I was a miser, and the Kukudhi could not harm the stingy…

(Word Count: 186)

Imagine that, dear mortals, being miserly actually working as a deterrent to ghosts. But not for me, mind you. You are all the same to me, mortals. Until next time!