Flash Fiction: Holiday Season

It was holiday season, and I was back at my forest cottage.

I saw my neighbour, old man Nelson chopping up wood. I greeted him.

“Hey Mr. Nelson! Good to see you again.”

In his typical style, he grunted at me.

“Why do you continue chopping up the firewood, even now? There are better options available. You can switch to electric heating.”

He wiped the beads of sweat off from his forehead and gruffly replied.

“You kids of today won’t understand.”

I smiled at him.

“Come on, Mr. Nelson. I’m sur I will understand if you tell me.”

Old man Nelson rested his arms on the axe.

“Look kid, I believe in giving every guest that visits my lodge an authentic experience. A fireplace is a part of that experience.”

I nodded at while smiling to myself. I guessed that the bad food and the lack of services were also a part of cheap lodging experience…

Word Count: 156


Sunday Photo Fiction 17 February, 2019