A to Z Challenge: Cthulu

Greetings mortal! We meet again. Back for another story, eh? Good…! Tell you believe in Gods? Let me tell you a story of a God you probably don’t believe in…

It’s all hopeless.
I just can’t do it. What can be done if one needs to fight a monster nobody else believes, exists? What is one to do if the said monster is in fact, a God. Not a benevolent God, but a God that only wants to feast on the souls of humans. It wants to show us despair and fear like we have never experienced before. This God won’t stop until it has driven all men to utter madness.
What can I do? I see no solution and all this worrying is driving me insane. Oh Lord!
That’s exactly what it wants, I am walking into its trap…

(Word Count: 110)

So, now do you believe it? Maybe this God is why you feel so depressed through the day. Don’t have my stories to keep your mind occupied. Until next time!

Flash Fiction: Sculpture

Finally, it’s complete.

It looks perfect if I say so myself, just as I had visualized in my dreams. After weeks and weeks of toiling under the sun, braving the strong winds and sitting out in the dark night, my masterpiece is complete. People will look at it in awe, gaze at it in puzzlement, trying to figure out the meaning behind my art. They will understand soon. It’ll all become clear when my master appears on Earth. My master, The Great Old One is coming.

And boy, will he be pleased with this sculpture he commanded me to make….

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 9th Nov, 2018