Flash Fiction: A Pirate Gift

It was my sixteenth birthday.

I had awoken to find all the presents I had received, lined up in my room. Like every year, I ran around excitedly, searching for my grandfather’s present. There it was. Neatly wrapped, with a yellow bow on top. I picked the present and opened it neatly. Inside, I found a nice watch, but more importantly, I found a map. Grandpa had told me that his grandpa was a pirate. His legendary exploits had all been narrated to me by grandpa. The treasure he had accumulated was hidden around the world, and its locations were hidden in this map. Grandpa said that he had been uninterested in the treasure and father had been just like him. But, I was different which is why I had been gifted this map.

It has been ten years since that day, and now, I’ve finally deciphered the first clue…

Word Count: 150


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #11

Twittering Tale: Map

“Ron, I think we have to go that way.”
“I agree with you, Bud.”
“Guys, are you sure we are going the right way?”
“Positive. You ladies need not worry about a thing.”
“Oh boys, we are not worried about anything, other than reaching the Annual Cartographers Meet, on time.”

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #124 – 19 February 2019 – Lost