Flash Fiction: Grandmaster

She’s a marvel.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you see her skill? She’s beaten the Grandmaster himself, at his own game, at the tender age of fourteen. She was taken from the dark streets, where no one cared about her. We discovered her, and trained her. This is the potential of The Academy. Now, ladies and gentlemen of the board, I know that you find her most interesting. She is indeed our prized pupil. However, you do know that running this institute is by no means an inexpensive affair. I request a generous boost in our funding. It is not everyday that you see a kid beat a grandmaster cleanly at chess.

Moving the pieces entirely with her mind, no less…


#MenageMonday! Week 2 x 23

Microfiction: Station Master

The station master was devoted to his job.

Refused the lucrative offer of leaving his station.

Stood devoted, right until the train-hijacker shot him…


Weekend Writing Prompt #95 – Devotion

Sunday Photo Fiction – March 3, 2019


This week’s photo is the courtesy of C.E. Ayr ! 🙂

Flash Fiction: Bad Master

He was a bad master.

No two ways about it. He did not care for me. Did not think about the condition he kept me in. He did not spare any thought about how the roads he was forcing me on, were damaging me. He was blind to my pain and deaf to my pleas. Luckily, master was also dumb.

He left the satanic book lying around. I made sure to read it. Then one day, we were traveling together, I decided to make use of what I had learnt from the book. A hell-spawn appeared in front of us, dragged my master away, and made quick work of him. The flames emerging from his stomach took his soul straight to hell.

He should have never underestimated his glorious steed…

Word Count: 130


Kira’s Sunday Scribbles Feb 10, 2019

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Roads

Flash Fiction: Cold

It was vacation time. After months of begging, I had managed to convince my parents to visit the snowy northern areas.

We reached our booked cabin on time. The journey had been smooth. However, as luck would have it, as soon as we had entered the cabin, a snowstorm hit the area. Miraculously, the wifi had remained unruffled. I thanked the lord for this mercy and connected our phones to it. Bad choice. My final exam results had been announced and I had not done well.

It was cold outside, but the atmosphere in our heated cabin was much colder.

Word Count: 100


Master of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Cold”

50 Word Thursday #6

Six Sentence Story: Investigate

The investigation was yielding no results.

The victim had been strangled to death.

The visible finger imprints on her neck made that all too clear.

However, the fingerprint analysis could not identify the murderer.

If only they had checked the mirror image of the fingerprints.

Her reflection would have been arrested.

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Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt ‘Investigate’

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge ‘Mirror’

Flash Fiction: Erased

I met master a year after he lost his wife. He needed a friend. I became that friend. Night and day, I would look after my master, making sure he never took to the bottle again. We shared the most wonderful bond – eating together, going on walks. I would listen to him pouring his heart out and he would laugh at my woofs and wags.

One day, he was gone. They buried him. I will guard his grave and when I am gone, I want them to bury me here as well.

I won’t let our bond be erased.


Word Count: 100

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction 27 May 2018 and Masters of Writing Week 6


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