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Flash Fiction: Cake

Choosing a cake is so tough.

It is my birthday after all. The cake maker is waiting impatiently for me to make up my mind, grimace on his face.

“Kid, you have been here for an hour. Choose already.”

I won’t retaliate. It’s a happy day. I don’t want to spoil the rare day I get to step outside the enclosure. Can’t wait to say grace and attack the cake.

“Red Velvet, please.”

“Delivery at?”

“Munro’s Center for Mental Instability.”

The man gave me the same look, I received whenever I step out, always escorted ofcourse.

No worries…


Word Count: 100


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 17

Your Daily Word Prompt – Enclosure – September 10th, 2018

Scotts Daily Prompt Grimace



FOWC with Fandango — Stability


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Flash Fiction: Watcher

I had initially thought that the trek was a bad idea. I was reluctant to join in. However, my friends convinced me, and I am glad they did. They could not fathom my reluctance. They did not know that this place held bad memories for me.

I pushed those memories aside, and enjoyed the trek. As we we were departing, a fog settled in. Concealed in it, I could see a figure watching us. No, not us. It was watching me. She was watching me.

She lingered on, even after falling to her death, the last time I was here.

Word Count: 100


Thursday photo prompt: Watcher #writephoto

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Departing

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 16

Flash Fiction: Revenge 3

This is the last part of the Old Witch’s Tale..

Here are the previous parts:

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Part 2 – Flash Fiction: The Tree

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Pete snuck up to the back entrance.

Pete hated the butcher for the public beating he had given Pete. Pete wanted vengeance. It was essential. He fetched a log from his bag, ignited it, and got ready to throw. The embers from the log found their way to his back. Pete instinctively let go of the log and dropped to the ground, dousing the fire. The log rolled into the bag, which contained a kerosene can. The explosion propelled the log forward with great force, lodging it into Pete’s waist.

The Witch’s revenge was now complete. Three trophies claimed.

Word Count: 99


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #174

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 14

FOWC with Fandango — Essential

Flash Fiction: Revenge 1

This is the third part of this tale.

Read the first part here – Flash Fiction: Broken Fence

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Jon looked at the bottle of whiskey in adoration. It was a present from his partners in crime.

He took a swig. The amber liquid entered his body, warming up every part that it touched. Jon coughed. It was his first real drink. He took another swig. This time, the drink seemed to carry more weight inside his throat. In a gag reflex, he coughed, spraying drops of blood all over his sheet. Among the blood, he could see small wooden splinters. In an instant, Jon collapsed to the floor, clutching his throat.

The witch had claimed one. Two remained.

(To be continued)

Word Count: 100


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Weight”

FoWC with Fandango “Present”


Image credit: Casadores by Carlos Torres

Flash Fiction: Trapped

I am caught like a fly in a trap.

I am caught like a fly in a trap.

Immobilized completely, quarantined in darkness and silence.

My adversary got me good, making me fall for his devious machinations.

My eternal body is now trapped in a deathly mesh.

The razor-sharp strings draw fresh blood from my body with every slight movement, exhausting me.

However, my scarred body will escape one day, and he will suffer my wroth…

Word Count: 67


Six Sentence Stories “Exhaust”

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Strings”

Manic Mondays “Silence”

Weekend Writing Prompt “Quarantine”



Image Credit: Trapped by Chaos the Demon