Flash Fiction: Acheri Hunt

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Now the story continues…

The fog had settled in, covering the forest as far as their eyes could see.

Perseus led the group with the two kids in the middle and Billy bringing up the rear. Perseus whispered to the kids.

“You see this fog? It originates from the lair of the Acheri. And the density indicates that it’s feeding time. We better hurry, or else your friend is going to end up as food.”

Gary and Roger shuddered, but picked up their pace. The forest was entirely silent. They group could not hear the wildlife, nor the insects. They barely hear the sounds made by their footsteps. After what seemed like ages, Perseus raised his hand up, signalling the group to halt. He pointed forward. The kids strained their eyes. Finally they saw it.

The monster stood a few feet away with its back towards them. It loomed over a petrified Kye who was tied to a tree…

(To be continued)

Word Count: 155


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