Microprose: Sinking Sword

Splash! Relief flooded over him as his sword entered the river.

It’d made him invincible. The world’s most powerful man. If only he could be called man, with his hollow eyes, gaunt skin and decrepit features. As the sword sunk, his vitality rose.

He was alive, again.

Word Count: 47


YeahWrite #447 Microprose Challenge

Microprose: Rings

Her fingers are dressed in weathered rings.

Each one of them reminds her of her biggest ordeals. Nine rings for nine horrors. As she enters the cave, she looks at her empty finger. The last ring will find its place today.

After she’s slain the last demon…


Yeahwrite #416 Microprose Challenge

Twittering Tales: Fall

“The poor man is mangled beyond recognition.”

“He was neither poor, nor needed recognition. He was mad is what he was.”

“You knew him?”

“Everyone did. That’s Mr. Icarus – mad inventor. He was testing his nuclear jetpack yesterday.”

“Must have flown too high to have fallen so deep.”


Character Count: 280

Written For Twittering Tales #83

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