Flash Fiction: Borderlands

The borderlands grew wilder and wilder every year.

The country had been built upon the foundations of war and savagery. The reigning king came into power only because he was the strongest warrior. Impressed by his prowess, many borderland tribes had supported his conquest. However, now he had begun thinking like a ruler, rather than a warrior. He focussed more on administration than on warfare. The same tribes that had supported him, now openly opposed him. Their violence threatened to split the country.

The king would pick up his sword, again…

Word Count: 91


Weekend Writing Prompt #88: Foundations

First Line Friday: Jan 4th, 2019

Flash Fiction: Flatter

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“May I recommend this one?”

I looked at the delicate bottle being shown by the salesgirl. It certainly looked pretty, but would it be good enough for me? I looked nonchalantly at the salesgirl.

“Butterfly, I presume. Do you think I can carry it off?”

She smiled at me.

“Of course, ma’am. You can carry anything off. However, this one will go well with your personality.”

I thought that was a neat trick to play – flattery.

“Can you say that with conviction? That this is perfect for me.”

She nodded.

“Definitely ma’am.”

I handed her the bottle.

“Pack it up, then.”

I looked back at my attendant, trembling under the weight of my shopping bags and shook my head.

Flattery was definitely my Achilles’ heel…

Word Count: 125


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Word of the Day Challenge “Conviction”

RDP Wednesday “Recommend”

FOWC with Fandango “Carry”

Flash Fiction: Paparazzi

There she is, today is the day I finally capture her on my camera.

I have to make sure that she does not spot me as she steps out of her house. This summer garb looks so lovely on her, raising the hotness quotient of this sunny day. I am drenched in sweat, waiting for the perfect shot. Ah, there she is ready to guzzle down that bottle of water, draining it thirstily. This is it, the perfect candid shot. Completely natural. That’s it, a simple point-and-click.


Now, to add this camera to my collection of celebrity cameras…



Saturday Mix – Same Same But Different, 3 November 2018

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 3/18

Flash Fiction: House Party

Cass was a nightmare in white silk and pearls. However, her appearance was a beautiful dream in comparison to house we had arrived at.

Exiting the car, I stood gazing at the house in disbelief. There was not way any one would host a Halloween party in this ramshackle cottage. It seemed abandoned, looking more like a terrorist hideout than a party pad. Cass gasped.

“Isn’t this location just too adorable?”

I sighed. Cass loved horror. I on the other hand, hated it.

“I think we have got the wrong location. Or this was some sort of prank. Let’s go back to town?”

Cass began walking towards the house.

“Nope. The address is right. Might as well check it out.”

I trudged behind her, adjusting my mask. As we reached the front door, I could hear music and jovial chatter coming from inside. Cass rung the bell. A tall, pale person dressed up in knight’s armour opened the door.

“Welcome to the party. I am your host, the headless horseman.”

He proceeded to completely dislodge his head from his neck, as one might doff a hat. I looked at Cass, who stared back at me with wide eyes….

Word Count: 198



First Line Friday: October 26th, 2018

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Flash Fiction: Clash

This is the Eight part of the story!

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Medusa glided towards Perseus.

The two others were insignificant, mere supporting exhibits. She was most interested in Perseus. She had two reasons to add him to her collection. Being a survivor of the Demigod programme, he was a rare breed, like her. That was the first reason. Her vendetta was the second.

She remembered the last time they had clashed just as if it was yesterday. His squad had cornered her. Caged her in like she was some sort of animal. However, they had learnt that a caged wild animal can be vicious. She had taken down his entire squad in a matter of minutes. They were simply no match for her. What she had failed to realize, was that Perseus had never considered them as his team-mates. He was more than willing to sacrifice them, to meet his objective. He had used them to trap her, and finally had imprisoned her. She had not forgotten anything.

A volley of bullets brought her back to the present. These were regular bullets, not even good enough to scratch her. However, damaging her had not been their objective. While Medusa was distracted by the volley of bullets, Perseus had managed to sneak up behind her. Medusa had learnt her lesson the last time. She knew his tricks now. Before Perseus could shoot, Medusa spun around and landed a solid punch on his face. Perseus went flying through the air and crashed into the trees.

Medusa cackled.

Time’s up, Perseus.

(Read the sequel here- Flash Fiction: Clash 2 )

Word Count: 247


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