Flash Fiction: The Acheri

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Now the story continues…

The two boys stared wide eyed at the holstered silver gun.

It was huge. Even though they had no experience with guns other than video games, this weapon looked like no ordinary person could wield it. Not that Perseus looked like an ordinary person, either. Gary turned towards Billy.

“What is an Acheri?”

“Well, its a monster that preys on those who show fear. That’s why it tries to strike terror into its victims’ hearts, before attacking and capturing them.”

Perseus suddenly got up.

“The fog is thickening. A sure sign that the Acheri is there. Time to hunt.”

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Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch February 7: Flash Fiction Challenge

Six-Word Story Challenge: Monster



“Brainwashed, Trained To Kill: Monsters Unleashed.”


Here are two more takes on the prompt:

“He Slept, Awoke Shivering. Damn Monsters!”

“Builder Grabs Land: A Modern Monster.”


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