Three Line Tale: Party Pills

It is just a party game for us, with one specially laced pills and the rest being sugar pills, all designed to look identical to each other.

Everyone pops a pill, and the unlucky one gets hit with the full force of the drug, hallucinating shapes and figures, while the fortunate ones laugh themselves silly, usually laughing at me.

This time however, no one will laugh even though I have popped the drugged pill, because all the other pills are laced with cyanide…


Three Line Tales, Week 166

Opposites Attract Challenge April 4

Flash Fiction: Objective Fruits

The masked men had surrounded us.

Their leader stepped towards me, and removed his mask, revealing his repulsive face.

“You are protecting the plant of power. Simply surrender, we will take the fruits that will make us impervious to defeat, and be on our way.”

I smiled weakly, and wiped the blood off my face.

“You don’t know anything about the plant. It cannot survive anywhere else other than this formerly attractive garden, which you destroyed. And most importantly, we don’t protect the plant, it protects us.”

The masked men turned too late to see the plant sprouting thorns…

Word Count: 99


Weekend Writing Prompt #98 – Impervious

Sunday Photo Fiction – March 24, 2019